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Every Anderson film is as it should be; you either love it or you hate it. In our case, we love everything we’ve seen so far

Because it’s absolutely necessary to cultivate creativity and think about tomorrow

Introducing Lockdown Cinema Club, the initiative for the short film buffs. Watch all you want, give what you can.

Is the latest addition to the roster of film cameras in the Fujifilm family worth the splurge?

Yes, it will spark joy     DC Films has made a reputation for itself in the realm of superhero movies; theirs is action-packed, serious in theme, gritty and sometimes, very dark (literally and figuratively). Too often, the characters have heart and display

Time to get those creative juices flowing     The dawn of a fresh year is about welcoming the new as much as it is ridding ourselves of the old. It might sound a little dramatic, we know––but is there really a better

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