For Your Eyes Only: A Masked Beauty Editorial


November 24, 2020
Read Time: 3 minutes

For as long as we’ve got the masks on, it’s eyes up here

In a frankly unexpected turn of events, beauty has been having a moment in the midst of the pandemic. While the fashion fever pitch has slowed down since we kissed our outdoor wear goodbye in March and ultimately fallen back on the embers of lounge and activewear, beauty has evolved into a whole ‘nother animal since. It goes without saying that skincare has sprung to the canopies of the newly minted homebody’s priority list—but despite the circumstances, makeup also remains a companion closely held.

Unsurprisingly, with the protective factor of masks in the equation, it’s all eyes on…eyes. There is arguably no better time than the present to go full-on with graphic ink, rhinestones and bright head-turning color. With all our faces half-concealed, we might as well give ‘em something interesting to look at.

For Your Eyes Only: A Masked Beauty Editorial

Eyes Wide Open

Masks. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re a fixture in this overextended fever dream—which is really just another way of saying that we’ll have to live with them for a while. Thankfully, having our faces clothed from the nose down cuts our typical routine by half, leaving more time to emphasize and accentuate and bring those eyes up to 110% (even when you aren’t feeling a hundred yourself).

For Your Eyes Only: A Masked Beauty Editorial

Here’s an idea: channel that extra time into eye-framing artwork by way of appliqué: rhinestones, nail gems or even faux pearls. Attach them with non-irritating lash glue and remember to keep a safe distance from the eyes!

For Your Eyes Only: A Masked Beauty Editorial
For Your Eyes Only: A Masked Beauty Editorial

Between the Lines

It’s high time to dig up that liquid liner and welcome it back to the rotation. Make a case for a dramatic liner look that isn’t an impeccable cat-eye swoop. Instead, go graphic. Draw attention to the eyes and add an extra edge to your look with strategic linework.

For Your Eyes Only: A Masked Beauty Editorial

Into the Blue

Blue is back in the spotlight as a Fall/Winter 2020 beauty trend, which is the sign you’ve been waiting for to finally experiment a little with that blue eyeshadow palette you’ve left untouched since the pandemic kicked in. Make up for lost real estate by taking your eye makeup beyond just the eyes—take torrential sweeps up to the temples and daring dips down towards your cheekbones. 

For Your Eyes Only: A Masked Beauty Editorial

Photography Wilmark Jolindon

Text Cessi Trenas
Makeup Jia Achacruz
Hair Charlie Alipio
Styling Ella Regala
Model Trixie Flores of New Monarq

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