Pour Some Sugar On Me: A Beauty Editorial

Pour Some Sugar On Me: A Beauty Editorial

Because ‘tis the season to glitter, sparkle and shine


Glitter, beautiful as it is, is hard to pull off. A bit much can make one look child-like, add a little more and you'll risk looking obtrusively bright and showy. But just the right amount and the right color can make you look, well, out-of-this-world gorgeous. So who better to ask how glitter can be worn the right and grown up way than makeup artist to the stars Anton Patdu?



Wonder: Anton, how do we get glass skin without looking oily?

Anton: When doing the glass skin, make sure to use little to no foundation and to use light-reflecting base instead. Do not set it with too much powder; the trick is to place the highlights where the light touches the skin so it will look glassy instead of oily.


Products used:

  • Skin MAC Strobe Cream all over the face, no foundation. A little bit of concealer to cover redness, set it with very light powder only on the areas that doesn’t need to be highlighted, while other parts were set by highlighter in very light strokes
  • Eyes Use the same highlighter you used for setting. For this look, I used the Maybelline Chrome Highlighters
  • Cheeks I used Becca Beach Tint
  • Lips Lipbalm mixed with Becca Beach Tint
  • Body Becca Liquid Highlighter


Red sleeveless cropped top and pants by Yves Camingue

Pour Some Sugar On Me: A Beauty Editorial


Pour Some Sugar On Me: A Beauty Editorial DISCO EYES

Wonder: Disco glitter-y eyes are hard to rock. Is there a particular color that would look good on just about everyone?

Anton: When in doubt, go for golden glitter! It adds just the right oomph on eyes especially for evening events. I ALWAYS recommend this color of glitter because it looks great on all skin tones and it adds a bit of a glow to your eyes.


Products used:


“Glitter lips look very sexy!”



Wonder: Glitter lips is not exactly a practical look for, say, sit-down dinners. But if we really want to rock it, how do we achieve and sustain the look through the night?

Anton: I suggest mixing your glitter with a lip gloss. That way the glitter doesn’t fall off and it has something to adhere on. Glitter lips look very sexy!


Products used


Red blazer with textured sleeves by Yves Camingue, red animal-printed dress with lace neckline, Stradivarius

Pour Some Sugar On Me: A Beauty Editorial


Pour Some Sugar On Me: A Beauty Editorial



Produced by Sarah Santiago

Photography Wilmark Jolindon

Art direction and art Alexandra Lara

Makeup Anton Patdu

Hair Katchie Mejias of Creativx New Monarq

Model Martine Tuanquin

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