Wonder Whiteboard Series: It’s A Girl Thing Manila 2018

Wonder Whiteboard Series: It’s A Girl Thing Manila 2018

It’s A Girl Thing Manila 2018 is out to prove that the present is as female as the future will be



The future is female—we’ve heard this phrase countless times before, seen it emblazoned across t-shirts and affixed as Instagram bios, seen it tagged as #MondayMotivation and quoted by all our #WomanCrushWednesdays. These four words have gone over and beyond being just a simple catchphrase. They symbolize a movement, an unshakeable belief in the power and potential of the woman.


But who is to say the present isn’t female already?


It’s A Girl Thing Manila 2018 a festival anchored on the quirks, talents and above-and-below-surface beauty of girls, is proof that we’ve got innumerable female movers and shakers changing every game. And we’re not talking in future tense. We’re talking about the women here and now. First launched in Singapore in 2016, IAGT rang in its third year just last weekend in the Philippines—a country filled to the brim with females who have plenty to say, plenty to bring to the table.


A verbal snapshot of the event: empowering booths (like Dove’s self esteem freedom wall), musical performances, inspiring talks on peer pressure, anxiety and other pressing topics that need to be addressed by girls today. At the end of the program, all 13 IAGT representatives gathered onstage for a much-awaited super-panel session. The air was rich with feminism and heavy with empowerment. The occasion was another sure win for the ladies.


In the thick of the festivities, Wonder took to the crowds to hear the ladies out. With so much ground to cover and infinite potential to bring forth to the world, where are they pouring out their passions? What are the strengths they’re most proud of? What exactly is a girl thing?


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Photography Edward Joson

Art Alexandra Lara


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