Wonder Whiteboard Series: Philippine General Election 2019

Wonder Whiteboard Series: Philippine General Election 2019


September 20, 2018
Read Time: 3 minutes

Filipinos speak up on why they’ll be casting votes or why they won’t



Whenever big news concerning the welfare of our country is announced, a riptide tears through our population. It cuts across our people, seemingly splitting our sentiments into two clear-cut divisions that speak their minds on social media.


There’s the faction of hopeful Filipino whose faith in the country doesn’t seem to burn out. “May pag-asa pa, Pilipinas,” they would tweet when another death is reported on the news, when our political state stumbles and dips. There are those who shed tears for our nation and what she has become, but stand with their feet planted firmly in Philippine soil.


Across the spectrum is an opposite school of thought. There are those who ride the wave of indifference or who have simply lost reason to believe in the government. There’s no defeating the system, after all––not when the system itself is flawed.


Despite the thick line that runs between these opinions, there are more than just two stances to assume when it comes to a conundrum as complex our government. Do those who care, care enough to vote? Will those who curse this administration bother voting at all? Do they even know about the elections happening next year?


With these questions in mind, we took to the streets for the second instalment of our Wonder Whiteboard Series. Would Filipinos vote at the upcoming Philippine General Election? Why would they, why wouldn’t they?


The answers left us equal parts hopeful and cynical.


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A prominent result among the respondents was that they are not registered voters. Perhaps this declaration was simply code for “I have no intention to register at all; I don’t have the time nor the capacity to care.” Who knows? But for those who would consider giving the country they live in the time of day, voters’ registration is remains open until September 29, 2018.



The Philippine General Election takes place on May 13, 2019, giving us the power to elect promising candidates who could spark positive change to office. All seats in the House of Representatives, the ARMM, provinces, cities and municipalities, as well as 12 seats in the Senate are in voters’ hands. This is an invitation not to wait around for the country to go to shit. Who can save us if not ourselves?



Art Alexandra Lara

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