stylefestph: Zalora Emerging Designers

stylefestph: Zalora Emerging Designers

See and shop the collections of stylefestph's Zalora Emerging Designers



Let's start things off with a story. In April 2018, stylefestph announced a call for designers to create ready-to-wear lines for Zalora Philippines or 0917 lifestyle. Fast forward to September, the 5 finalists for Zalora––Benj Rogando, Marc Blanco, DC De Castro, Ron Xavier Santos and Viña Romero––have clocked in the hours, picked their brains and poured their hearts and handiwork into their respective collections.


The fashion show marked the unveiling of a new chapter, like reaching that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel or unlocking that tricky final boss battle of an exciting video game. Months of hard work and close mentorship with stylefestph's esteemed stylecouncil built up to the blaze of glory that was last night's runway.


Up ahead, marvel at the collections of each of Zalora's emerging young designers––or even better, shop them.


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Benj Rogando‘s perspective has been clear-cut since the beginning of the competition. Anti-dapper, he would say whenever asked about his collection. The concept finally transcended being a self-coined term and truly came to life on the runway. It was a flirtation between the traditional and the modern. Picture the typical menswear staples––blazers, button-downs, trousers––spun into a contemporary style story with an accent color here and an oversized collar there. Who ever said menswear has to be boring?



One of Marc Blanco‘s greatest strengths is crafting outerwear and it shows. His collection was punctuated by a multitude of jackets: sometimes structured around the shoulders, other times in a softer nylon or leather finish, but always the cherry on top of each look. In its entirety, Marc's collection speaks to the woman he wants to dress: cool, sexy and unafraid to up the ante.



Ready, jetset, go. DC De Castro‘s Zalora collection has wanderlust thrumming through our veins. A series of looks made for seeing the world in, DC's creations bank on punchy colors, athleticism and mannish influences that stem from his background in menswear. Strategic lines––down the sides of trousers, across the torso and down the sleeve––elongate the body and flatter body types all across the board.



On a technical level, Ron Xavier Santos‘ collection for Zalora is a story of Filipino culture turned modern, turned wearable. But there's more to it. Watching the collection flow down the runway makes one think of the best parts of the Philippines. The dark jewel tones remind of the abundance of our lush resources, the barong of our rich heritage. Oh, and the fact that it's women wearing these? It makes a sense of female pride bubble up inside me and has me thinking back to all the strong women interspersed across our history.



Viña Romero has long been devoted to the sartorial gray area between the masculine and the feminine. Skirting this line isn't a rarity, no, but what truly sets Viña's pieces apart is how impeccably she pulls off her work. Clean lines, a tasteful palette and a self-aware simplicity are tirelessly present in each of her collections and her collaboration with Zalora is no exception to the rule. All Viña, through and through.


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Have you pinpointed a favorite? Shop each of Zalora Emerging Designers' collections exclusively on Zalora Philippines. While you're at it, see the rest of stylefestph's Emerging Designers roster and check out the winning 0917 collections via



Photography Floyd Jhocson

Art Alexandra Lara

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