1. Which show’s opening theme is this snippet from?

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The correct answer is B. If you don’t associate this particular fountain and sofa combo with the iconic Friends opening theme, please hear us out: you’re due for a rewatch.

2. A shoe-obsessed writer, a prim and proper perfectionist, a headstrong PR maven, a cynical badass bitch. Which show are we talking about?

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The answer is A. Who else would we be talking about if not Carrie and the gals?

3. “I love you. In a really, big really big pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your bedroom window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you... love you. So pick me. Choose me. Love me.” Where’s this tearjerker of a quote from?

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Answer: C. Arguably one of the highlights of the entire series, this quote from Meredith’s plead to McDreamy had us all reeling in front of our TV screens back in 2005.

4. “Winter is coming.”

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Answer: A. Come on, this one was a dead giveaway.

5. Which show is the guy in this meme (and its countless iterations) from?

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The answer is C. Where would we be without Dwight Schrute’s words of wisdom?

6. Welcome to Sunnydale High School, where you’ll find a mystical portal and quite possibly meet…

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The correct answer is B. Below this unassuming high school is an evil-attracting hellmouth. Needless to say, all sorts of action went down here across Buffy’s 7 seasons.

7. And which family will you find in Springfield?

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Answer: B. It’s everybody’s favorite family of troublemakers!

8. An oldie but goodie: where is this iconic duo from?

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The correct answer is D. It’s Mulder and Scully of The X-Files!

9. Picture this: a bespectacled high school chemistry teacher out in the desert, with no pants and a pistol in hand. What show are we talking about?

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The answer is A, Breaking Bad. How could anyone possibly forget such a vivid image of a gun-slinging man in his tidy whities?

10. Which TV show’s characters takes Halloween a little too seriously?

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Answer: D. At the Nine-Nine, the stakes are understandably high every time Halloween rolls around. After all, who wouldn’t want to be called an Amazing-Detective-Slash-Genius?

Can You Name the Most Popular TV Shows of All Time?
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