1. Let’s start with your typical outfit: Without summer in mind, which one is your go-to shoe?

2. What’s your idea of a perfect summer afternoon?

3. You’re looking to unwind after a day of leisurely activities. Which drink do you order?

4. You’ve been invited to a quaint garden barbecue and the host says you have to wear something with prints. Which one do you choose?

5.What’s on your summer playlist?

6. Dare to be a little bolder? Pick a stand-out color as the focal point of one of your summer outfits:

7. Which do you have pegged for your summer hairstyle?

8. Lastly, pick an accessory:

What’s Your Summer Tito Style?
Felipe (Javier Bardem) from Eat Pray Love is your style match.

Just because you’re a low-maintenance traveler doesn’t mean you stop finding joy in dressing up. While your summer wardrobe is certainly more function than fashion, you still make it a point to inject fun through color choices and accessories. You can never go wrong with a crisp linen shirt either!
Your summer style is ‘90s normcore like Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) from As Good As It Gets.

Your go-to combo is a plain white tee underneath a printed button-down shirt. One way to describe it: it’s equal parts “I might go golfing or have brunch, but who knows, really” and Balenciaga Spring 2018 menswear.
You’ve got the effortless summer style of Mr. Perlman (Michael Stuhlbarg) from Call Me by Your Name.

A monochromatic outfit is a classic and you know it. Earth tones are your friend, so you enjoy mixing and matching your neutrals with deep blue grays and moss greens. You aren’t fond of complicated styling, so you stick to other timeless pieces like the boat shoe, wire-frame eyeglasses and the classic wristwatch.
You’re probably just as dapper as Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) from The Great Gatsby.

You enjoy dressing to the nines and that’s a trait we wish more men should acquire. We’re not saying you have to commit to the three-piece suit like Mr. Gatsby, but there are ways to dress sharp even in the summer. Your best bets are off-whites (which instantly look luxurious and polished), knits or a lightweight linen or cotton blazer.

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