Got Your Back: Advice You Need to Hear When Entering Your 20s

Got Your Back: Advice You Need to Hear When Entering Your 20s

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You must have already heard a lot of advice before you grew out of your teenage years. There are so-called wise words that you forget and some you cannot understand. Some might have told to you to allow yourself to feel vulnerable and afraid, and how that's normal and totally fine! So, we asked a few 20-somethings to provide essential life advice that you should hear as you venture into the next chapter of your life. Trust us, being in your 20s isn’t as easy as you might think it is. 


Ahead, we bring you five guides that we wish we had heard before entering college, feeling the pressure and becoming (more) independent. We’re a hundred percent sure that, you too, will need these.


Invest in yourself —Eszy, 22

In money, there are only a few ways to invest, but there are a hundred ways to do it for yourself! College senior Eszy believes in prioritizing oneself: 


“You can start by writing and reading more. Devote just an hour a day to stimulate your mind by writing an essay, a poem or a short story, and building your own emotional outlet,” she shares. While you can start simply, she also recommends getting creative. “Consider honing past skills or developing a new one; paint the sunrise, play the keyboard, take snapshots of your surroundings and sing your favorite song. If you want, record these moments. Your progress will surprise you,” she adds.


Other than those, you can also include a few others in your daily goals: healthy meals, exercise and getting in some proper sleep. These will do wonders for your mental and physical state!


If you want to do more, then start by creating a list of all the things you want to do. Sometimes it's enrolling in a class, designing your own blog, traveling to your dream city, buying that glow serum or finishing a novel. The point is that you should give yourself the time and energy to gradually check items off your list.


Eszy reiterates: “Invest in the self by being kind to your capacities and your being.”



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Find your people —Chelsea, 22

College student Chelsea believes that you need to build the circle you want. Finding your people is one less worry in a pile of struggles. So while focusing on yourself is important, it's also integral to surround yourself with individuals who help you become the best version of yourself. 


While some of us have already found our platonic and romantic soulmates, don’t worry if you have yet to find yours. Chelsea assures you of one thing: “There are still new people you will meet in your 20s who might just be the company you need.” She emphasizes, “You become more open-minded when you surround yourself with good people because every moment with them is a learning opportunity.” And we couldn't agree more.


With the right support system, you won’t have to put on a mask. Everyone deserves the comfort of being held by the right hands and being seen with the right eyes.



Consistency equates to success —Junah, 21

It is easy to stray from routines and plans, but following through takes a different level of commitment and discipline. In your 20s, there will be new, surprising challenges—be it in college, career or love. If there is one thing Junah, a college senior, has learned, it is that consistency will help you achieve your goals. But before you do that, Junah reminds you to have a clear goal in mind. “Find your passion and inspiration. Be sure of what you want and look for your ultimate motivation,” she enthuses. “Afterward, consistently make steps—big or small—for your goals. It is fine to take breaks, but remember not to give up along the way.”


Being consistent also challenges your self-control, which will be crucial in helping you build future plans. So practice consistency today, and you'll see that success is within reach.



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Never assume unless stated otherwise —Lord J, 22

“Love should be straightforward,” Lord asserts. If you’re still holding onto the mixed signals, remember that you deserve someone who is sure of you—someone who isn't afraid to tell you that. Let this be a reminder that assurance is easily given if someone wants to give it.


Lord closes: “When the right one comes along, you will never have to assume. Because you will know.”



You are in no rush to figure out your soul —Felix, 22

Some adults say that you’ll figure out your life in your 20s. For Felix, it’s been quite disappointing to learn this isn’t always true. Adults failed to warn us about being lost and clueless. However, if there is one thing you need to hear when you’re going around in circles and unsure of what to do, Felix says, “There is no rush—you are not in a race.” Do not overthink things. 


“You may worry about the time running or your batchmates already being successful, but keep in mind that your journey is your owne,” he shares. When you’re on a trip, you stop and look for a shaded place when it rains, so allow yourself to pause, take a deep breath and recharge. You can always go again when you’re ready. When you pause, you are doing your soul a favor. 


It may take a lot to care for and figure out your soul, but when you do, it’s everything you've been looking for and more. You'll realize that you have all the time to do so.



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And one last thing: trust yourself. Have confidence that you can do it. If there ever comes a time when it’s difficult to believe that, you can always come back to these words and be reminded of what you need to do in your 20s: start again.



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