The Instax Mini 40 Is Your Post-Quarantine Companion

The Instax Mini 40 Is Your Post-Quarantine Companion

Instax introduces a new film variant, too



With vaccinations happening here and there, we’re slowly on our way to herd immunity. In light of the unprecedented pandemic, we’ve had to pivot and miss out on opportunities to immerse ourselves in different cultures and visit places outside of the four corners of our rooms. With health precautions and careful planning, traveling—even just out of the city for a day—actually seems possible as places are now gradually reopening for tourists.


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If we all learned something in quarantine, it’s how much we’ve easily taken for granted. Creating memories, especially with the people we love, is essential. What better way to do it than with a foolproof instant film camera like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 40


The Instax Mini 40 Is Your Post-Quarantine Companion The Instax Mini 40 Is Your Post-Quarantine Companion

Design & Performance 

With a few weeks to try the unit, I had more than enough time to get a feel of the Instax Mini 40 (P5,499). The new entry-model camera looks edgy and sleek and less like a “toy camera,” which instant film cameras are known for. Surprisingly, I found that it’s actually the most lightweight unit from Instax’s roster that I’ve tried! It’s also foolproof enough that I didn’t need to read a manual or watch a YouTube video to learn how to use it.


The Mini 40 features the ever so popular Automatic Exposure function, which was originally introduced in the bestselling Instax Mini 11. With the gloomy weather we’ve been having lately, there’s no need to agonize over finding the perfect lighting! The camera automatically optimizes the shutter speed, flash output and other settings according to any shooting condition. Whether you’re shooting in a low light setting or outdoors, details are always crisp and contrasted.


There’s also the Selfie Mode, which users can activate just by pulling out the front edge of the camera’s lens after powering it on. You’re bound to take the perfect selfie with the mirror strategically located beside the lens. You can also highlight this feature for close-up shots!


The Instax Mini 40 Is Your Post-Quarantine Companion

Sample photos with the Instax Mini 40


Instax also introduced a new film variant, the Mini Contact Sheet (P400), reminiscent of contact sheet on photographic film. It perfectly complements the retro vibe of the Mini 40 and can be used on all Instax Mini cameras. Each pack contains 10 sheets with a different set of photo numbers, making each shot stand out. 



As a photographer, I actually haven’t been this impressed by an instant film camera in a while. Or ever since I discovered the Mini 11 in 2020, at least. The photos are so high-quality; the details are unbelievably crisp and the colors are saturated! Its edgy look also makes it feel more “legitimate.” If you’re planning to upgrade your trustworthy Instax, this is definitely the sign you’re looking for. 


Purchase the Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 and Mini Contact Sheet Film online via Shopee , Lazada and Wonder Photo Shop. You can also purchase these in all authorized Fujifilm dealers nationwide. Visit the Instax website for a complete list of stores.



Product Photos Instax 

Photography Elisa Aquino

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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