Funky Quarters: Surftown’s Funky New Neighbor is Here

Funky Quarters: Surftown’s Funky New Neighbor is Here

Come for the beach, stay for the funk



San Juan, La Union welcomes its funky new neighbor, Funky Quarters. But just how funky is this 12-bedroom hotel? Well, it offers luxe bunk-style accommodations with serious nods to steampunk style. Its owners Jeff Ortega, Jek Uy and John Uy made sure that it’s comfy but far from stuffy, from hotel-standard beddings to Aesop toiletries and, our personal favorite, Japanese bidet toilets:


Funky Quarters: Surftown’s Funky New Neighbor is Here


Funky Quarters’ design also borrows a bit of personality from Hyde, which is most apparent in the private room and bar + kitchen of the same name. But wait, who is Hyde? (The Japanese musician, the fictional character in Robert Louis Stevenson's 1886 novel, or that Marvel supervillain?) No one knows, really, but they say a night’s stay in his private room might give you an idea. Meanwhile, Hyde’s Bar & Kitchen is a short trip to the hotel’s rooftop, where guests can enjoy their welcome cocktail and complimentary breakfast. The drinks are pretty topnotch, as bar offerings have been curated by mixologist Kalel Demetrio (of Agimat Foraging Bar & Kitchen, Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli, etc.) himself. Pre-game, eat up or get your hangover cure at the kitchen, which boasts an extensive menu, from crepes to serious mains, by Chef J Beingno.


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Funky Quarters: Surftown’s Funky New Neighbor is Here Funky Quarters: Surftown’s Funky New Neighbor is Here


Great accommodations and food + libations aside, Funky Quarters also features common areas to chill, get some work done or get-together with other folks. And because this boutique hotel is also about mixing leisure with business, they take safety, connection and comfort seriously. All guests get an RFID wristband to access the hotel, managed by 24-hour front desk assistance. Also on 24/7? Air conditioning and WiFi. 


Time to get in on the funk and check out Funky Quarters’ rates below:




The Funky Quarters Experience (whole place for 12 pax) P40,000/ night
Hyde's Room (for 2 pax) P4,500/ night
Quarter 1 (for 4 pax) P7,500/ night
Quarter 2 (for 6 pax) P10,500/ night
Weekday Bunker P1,850/ night (Monday to Thursday bookings only)



For more information, visit or follow @funkyquarters on Facebook and Instagram.



Photos Funky Quarters

Art Alexandra Lara

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