This Heartwarming Video Proves The Power Of Human Connection

This Heartwarming Video Proves The Power Of Human Connection

There is no stopping the power of human connection (and—thank god—internet)



Some say that rules are meant to broken, but the ones we’ve had to follow in recent weeks—due to the (extended) enhanced community quarantine—are ones we cannot selfishly ignore. Most of us have (hopefully) stayed indoors, only going on food and drink runs when necessary, spending all the other hours either working or spending time with family.


Gratefulness aside, it’s been difficult for us all, regardless of where we live or the color on our skin. Not all families live together, not all couples have moved in together and not all friends are lucky enough to be neighbors. Some have had to brave these times alone. And with everyone enclosed within the same four walls for most hours of most days, tensions are rising and cabin fever is inevitable. 


Let’s all admit it now: It’s taking a lot more effort to stay connected and nourish our relationships recently.



But the power of human connection—of the need to have relationships and do well by our loved ones—is stronger than this virus.  


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We’ve made the necessary changes to our lives that allow us to keep our friendships and other relationships alive. Group video calls to check up on family members, more arts and crafts for the kids, family movie nights, making meals together or apart, dance and duet videos for friends who have the talent, drinks shared over webcams and smartphone cameras, baked goods sent to neighbors and significant others (when possible). 


It’s amazing how we adapt to the things and people we continue to prioritize and hold close. 


“Titiisin kita, kasi kailangan…

Diyan ka muna at dito ako, magkalayo. Kasi close tayo.”



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As the video above shows us, we’re literally distanced from each other now, but that has done very little to our actual connections. 


The truth is that keeping our distance is how we show care for those we love. So we check in on them more often than ever, we’re listening more intently and openly, our patience has grown. We’re seeing new sides to everyone, seeing their creativity flourish in some cases and picking up on their little quirks that make them unique. And we’re learning to appreciate what everyone does to keep the home running. We've also learned a thing or two about ourselves and how much we need people around us to survive. 


Pero sa ngayon, ganito muna. After all, this is our new normal—and who knows when it’ll shift into something else? We can breathe a little easier knowing we can and will do what it takes to stay connected. With a little help, of course. 



Globe stands with us during this challenging time as we all stay #SafeAtHome. President and CEO Ernest Cu says, “While we go through this crisis together, Globe will do what it can to provide uninterrupted connectivity especially during these times.” To learn more, click here.  



Art Alexandra Lara


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