What’s A Halloween Party Without Halloween Drinks?

What’s A Halloween Party Without Halloween Drinks?

Answer: Not a Halloween party



Halloween is about knocking on doors, getting free candy and consequently getting a little tired from the collection—or at least that’s how it was when were younger. Now that we’ve ditched getting costume-dressed by our parents, we’ve been reaching out for a different type of treat: Alcohol. Cocktails. Whatever you want to call them.


We’re all legal here, right?


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But because Halloween is Halloween (AKA an excuse to be extra about everything), there’s no way you can (or should) just serve a classic gin and tonic—no matter how great it is. We’re not saying go crazy with the mixes here; we’re just saying dress things up a little.


Spooky Halloween Punch

Sometimes you just get too busy during a party to sit back and make a drink—for both you and your guests. Sometimes having to stop a conversation when your mouth hits ice and nothing else can get a little…bitin. So make sure you there’s something easy and right at hand.



Fruity and easy to drink, this punch is sure to be a hit.


Bloody Maria

Move over, Mary; we have a new favorite chick.


The Bloody Maria is a spicy and savory drink, thick enough to fill you up—so drink slowly and with caution if you want to last the whole night. We’re not saying it’s strong (though it definitely can be if you wish), but you might feel a little full after one and a half servings.



The addition of beetroot makes this drink perfect for the ultimate Pinoy pulutan: barbeque.


Embittered Truth

Inspired by the 1995 horror film remake of Patayan Sa Sindak Si Barbara, Embittered Truth is sweet at the beginning but smooths out into a bitter note.



  1. 30 ml Bitter Truth Pink Gin
  2. 10ml Campari
  3. 30ml Fernet Branca
  4. 10ml Rose syrup
  5. 3 dashes Angostura Bitters
  6. Orange Peel



  1. Add all ingredients in a chilled mixing glass
  2. Add ice and stir
  3. Strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass
  4. Garnish with sugar floss


Rubber Duckie Punch

For something less scary and a little more cutesy, go for the citrus Rubber Duckie Punch. It’s perfect for that fresh pop of color if you’re going all out with your party decorations. Everyone will think it’s harmless and refreshing—but they won’t know what hit them.



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We’ll just go right out and say it: A few glasses of this and you’ll really feel that punch. But hey, what’s a party without a few drunken stories to tell, huh?


Enteng Kabisote

Throw a little Pinoy flair with this looker of a drink. The calamansi flavors and bitter undertones are sure to be a hit at any party you decide to throw.



Impressive? Definitely. Doable? Naturally.


Go all out this Halloween and host a little get together! Practice your bartending skills and stick on a few cotton cobwebs across the windows. Then throw on a black tablecloth over your dining area, let a few deep-colored candles melt and open the door to friends and family. All the bars are going to be full anyway.



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