A Huawei GT 2e Review: A Smarty Who Is ~Everyone’s~ Friend

A Huawei GT 2e Review: A Smarty Who Is ~Everyone’s~ Friend

Fit? Not? Somewhere in between? Everyone’s welcome



When everyone was getting on the smartwatch train, I didn’t purchase a ticket—it just didn’t seem like a destination I needed to see. I didn’t live an active lifestyle, I didn’t own a gym membership and I honestly just didn’t see the aesthetic appeal of having a screen on my wrist. And why would I need to learn how to maneuver a new device?


But sometimes in life, you have to try things out. And sometimes, you’re proven wrong. At least, I was proven wrong by the Huawei GT 2e. 


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At first look, the Huawei GT 2e is a little intimidating. Its screen is 46mm and comes in no other size, so it’s definitely on the big side of things. But hey, who doesn’t love something that comes a little oversized? Besides, you can easily swap out the strap color to something you prefer. But as a heads up, the wearable comes in Black, White and Red. 


If you’re worried about comfort more than look, however, you need not be. It’s lightweight and the fluoro rubber strap isn’t irritating on the skin. You’ll notice that you’re wearing it, of course, but it isn’t any more noticeable in terms of wear than any other watch. Wear it ~all~ day, ~every~ day—and we really mean that, because its battery lasts for days on a single full charge. 


A Huawei GT 2e Review: A Smarty Who Is ~Everyone’s~ Friend


Functionality and ease of use

The Huawei GT 2e is used via swipes and the buttons on its side—which allow you to get a glimpse of your heart rate, your calories burned, the number of steps you’ve taken and even your stress level (whoops). All the essentials are there at your wrist. 


But another thing I love is that the wearable has actual buttons on the side of its face. Read: this means no mimicking rotating crows, which really aren’t the most efficient in a smartphone device (at least, not in my opinion). 



Contrary to what I said earlier about how the unit looks intimidating, it’s not when it comes to its real functionality. You can have an incredibly inactive lifestyle (like me) and still get use out of it. You can be like my dad, whose basic health just needs some monitoring. Or you can be like my brother, who insists on getting in a few more pushups before bed and is currently trying to limit his rice intake (crazy, I know). You can be a jogger, a swimmer, a cyclist—pretty much anything and the Huawei GT 2e will still be a great addition to your lifestyle. 


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Aye, there’s the rub

Okay, let’s just say it: The Huawei GT 2e isn’t perfect and one sour point is that it works best when you already have a Huawei smartphone, because then it already has all the apps you need to take full advantage of the smartwatch. Otherwise, you’ll have some tinkering to do with Huawei Health because it doesn’t support any other app right now. 


But, honestly, not so bad. Once everything is set up, you won’t even think about it anymore. 


A Huawei GT 2e Review: A Smarty Who Is ~Everyone’s~ Friend


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Design? Check. Functionality? Check. Need of use? It’s there—no matter what your lifestyle. 


All in all, the Huawei GT 2e is a pretty reliable wearable for the everyday. It’s accurate, comfortable, tracks everything you need it to (and more). And in case you needed any more convincing, it comes only with a P6,990 price tag.


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Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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