We Had A Wonderfvl Time With The Instax mini 12

We Had A Wonderfvl Time With The Instax mini 12

Team Wonder takes the latest Instax camera out for a spin for Wonderfvl: #WonderTurnsV



Everyone knows that we all have a thing for analog. From wired earphones to rediscovering our love for film cameras, we still find joy in visceral experiences. Maybe it’s the allure of physically immortalizing memories or the semblance of simpler times—either way, we’re all in love. That’s why the charm of Fujifilm instax cameras has never waned, because everyone still has a great experience in snapping moments through film. So when Team Wonder got the offer to try out instax mini 12, it came exactly at a time when we were preparing for our anniversary party, Wonderfvl: #WonderTurnsV.


The theme? 2000s nostalgia. Talk about serendipity.


The device

Before we get to the shooting experience, let us give you the 411 on the latest device. The Fujifilm instax mini 12 comes in five different colorways: blossom pink, mint green, pastel blue, lilac purple and clay white. Its slim and sleek exterior is less bulky and a lot more comfortable in the hand, making it easier to handle for photos or selfies. Turning it on and choosing its modes is as easy as it gets, as it’s only though twisting the lens to the side. The automatic exposure and flash guarantee a vibrant finish regardless of light.


This camera boasts a brand new feature: an adjustable viewfinder. Twist to active Close Up mode. This immediately centers the subject despite the photographer standing at a distance, eliminating the back-and-forth tango we do to get the perfect shot.



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The anniversary shoot

Since Wonder officially reached a milestone, which is our toddler age, the team decided to take it up a notch and have a commemorative video interview. We invited cover stars, former feature participants, our frequent collaborators and members of the entire team to share their birthday wishes on camera. To make it even more memorable, we decided to send them off with a physical reminder of the day: a couple of instax snaps taken on the mini 12. With natural sunlight and a lively crowd, we had fun with the camera. Yes, even if we still needed some extra warming up to fully use Close Up mode.



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A Wonderfvl time with the mini 12

The instax mini 12 boasts automatic exposure and flash features that make photos pop even when they’re shot in low light. Given that we were celebrating in a dimly-lit space—to fit the grown-up grunge feels of the 2000s—Wonderfvl: #WonderTurnsV was the best avenue to test that out. We snapped away the entire evening, capturing shots of our close collaborators, cover stars and friends enjoying the night of unfiltered nostalgia. From a heart-pumping Karaoke Night session or a totally electric performance by Zild, it was a Wonderfvl night, perfectly captured by the instax mini 12:



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All these scans were easily acquired through the new Instax Up! app, which helps you digitally store your films for posting reasons. All in all, the Instax mini 12 is a great investment for snapping away at memorable days and worthwhile parties. Plus, its affordable price point of P4,899 gives you that elusive bang for your buck. What are you waiting for?


 #FillYourWorldWithJoy when you shop the latest Instax mini 12. Fin them in-store at Fujifilm instax dealers nationwide or in the official instax online flagship stores.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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