Just Some of the Best Analog Film Camera Apps To Try


May 30, 2017
Read Time: 3 minutes

Because there’s no school like the old school



In a time where people are accustomed to AR (augmented reality), HD gadgets and everything on-demand, it’s refreshing to come across old and nuanced concepts of the past. And nothing reminds us of the good old days better than the grainy, dust-speckled photos of yore. So just in case you tossed out your old film camera, the good news is that there are plenty
of retro cam apps that give you the same feel and results. But which one to try?



1 Gudak

Available on the App Store and recently on the Google Play Store

Price: $0.99 or P49.00



Gudak, the original disposable film camera simulator on the App Store, stays true to and is all about the experience. More than just beautiful light leaks and semi-blurry photos, the app will make you appreciate every shot and roll of film and the outcome itself—no matter how imperfect.


2 Huji

Available only on the App Store

Price: Free



Huji Cam is the next best thing to Gudak—and it’s free! But the main difference is that the app is patterned after the green Fujifilm disposable camera. The results? High contrast photos with random light leaks and date stamps that are just as aesthetically satisfying.


3 Calla

Available on the App Store

Price: Free + in-app purchases



Calla may not be as popular as the first two apps, but it doesn’t mean this low-key retro cam simulator can’t deliver. Calla comes with its own set of filters you can apply on your photos, with some free and the rest premium. It’s a great app for those with subtle, fuss-free tastes.


4 Feelm

Available on the Google Play Store

Price: P68.00



While many of the analog film camera apps are iPhone-only, Android users will be happy to know that there are apps like Feelm that give you that same classic film look. The filter app comes with 12 retro filters you can adjust and edit to your liking or color looks in case you want to mix things up a little. Try Feelm Soda for fresh blue photos, Feelm Rose to match your pinkish feed and Feelm Polar for polaroid-looking photos.


5 Camcorder

Available on the App Store and Google Play Store

Price: Free



What else is better than old-looking photos? VHS videos. Now you can make your own home
videos that have that 80s or 90s feel complete with date stamps and glitchy rendering. You can
also upload videos from your camera roll straight into the app for when you decide to make a full
feature out of all your videos.



Art Cara Gamo

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