The Breadth & Depth Of Conversation: #LetsTalkOnBluedPH

The Breadth & Depth Of Conversation: #LetsTalkOnBluedPH

Inhale lessons, exhale wisdom



The danger in having so many things to talk about and comprehend doesn’t just lie in the consequences of the things themselves—there’s a danger in having it distract you, too. When so much is happening around us, we have the tendency to let other things slide. This is true for most situations, whether we’re at work, in our relationships or on social media trying to stay as up-to-date as our minds can handle. 


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But this is all why it’s important to take the time to focus, to designate time to discuss and learn about the topics that matter to us. So let’s do it; #LetsTalkOnBluedPH. 


The Breadth & Depth Of Conversation: #LetsTalkOnBluedPH


Kicking things off

On June 18 at 8PM, photographer BJ Pascual starts things off with a talk on Fighting Social Injustice, followed by creative director Vince Uy’s session on the same topic at the same time on June 25. With a theme of this caliber, and experiences such as theirs, there is a very good chance that things will get heavy, opinionated and difficult—but that’s the point of having conversations such as these and carving out some real time to be present in them. 


But what for?

During the media launch for #LetsTalkOnBluedPH, BJ and Vince touched briefly on the kinds of conversations they’ve had in the past, both with those they loved and strangers online that they had never met. As successful as the two are, after all, they’ve had their fair time in the dark as well: haters questioning their identities, trolls attacking their personalities, family members who tolerate but do not accept their lifestyles and even members of the LGBTQIA+ community who still discriminate amongst themselves. 


It’s a pretty messy world, but a slow and steady part of the cleanup is speaking directly to those that don’t understand. When asked whether these conversations are easier to have with loved ones or with strangers, BJ and Vince differed in their answers. According to BJ, it’s easier to speak to virtual strangers when it comes to calling out their behavior or comments. Vince, on the other hand, shared he finds more comfort in having discussions with his loved ones—those that he knows will accept and love him no matter what he says. 


Well, to each his own and we just all need to do our part in keeping the conversation going (and moving forward). 


The Breadth & Depth Of Conversation: #LetsTalkOnBluedPH

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So what else is on store?

#LetsTalkOnBluedPH won’t stop with BJ Pascual and Vince Uy. There are other things to improve on, after all:


  • July 16 & 30: Working Efficiently From Home
  • August 13 & 27: Prioritizing Mental Health
  • September 10 & 24: Keeping Physically Fit
  • October 15 & 29: Improving Home Cooking
  • November 12 & 26: Elevating Style & Grooming


It’s not just some great points of conversation we’re in for; joining the talks will give us all an opportunity to help strengthen and give aid to the Home for The Golden Gays, the AIDS Society of the Philippines and the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines. 


The Breadth & Depth Of Conversation: #LetsTalkOnBluedPH



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We’ll see and talk to you then. 


Catch the talks live on the Blued app, available for iOS and Android. Follow Blued on Facebook to stay updated. 



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