LIVIT: Meet the Newest Livestreaming Platform

LIVIT: Meet the Newest Livestreaming Platform

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Livestreaming is one of the rising forms of entertainment. What started as an untapped marketing tool for e-commerce spawned into a way to keep people connected and entertained even in a pandemic. The possibilities with livestreams, much like podcasts, are endless. Anyone can sell, hold a mini-concert from the comfort of their homes, stream their gameplays and even chat about anything and everything under the sun. So if you’re looking to find a community while staying entertained, you should check these out. And in case you’re an entertainer or performer, livestreaming might just be your next socially distant side hustle.


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But first thing’s first: how do you find like-minded people you want to listen and talk to? Gamers go for Twitch or YouTube while live sellers rely on Facebook live and e-commerce apps’ livestream features. How about for those who just want to hang out, perform and chill? Maybe the one for you is LIVIT, one of the newest livestreaming platforms out there.


What’s it like?


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Everyone on LIVIT is free to livestream and post photos and videos. You can chat and interact with other users during a live session or around the platform. Its interface is intuitive; you tap on a category and are met with the ongoing streams tagged under it. Switching streams is like swiping through TikToks. You just scroll down to jump from one to the other.


Livestream viewers are part of the action too, so there’s no room to be a silent watcher. Your name flashes on screen when you drop by, giving the host an option to poke you via the platform or to give your a shoutout on the dot. In turn, you can give them a free “snack” and in-app coins to show support. It’s a constant give and take; no one’s regarded as a stranger in each session.


The main topics on the app are casual chatting, gaming, music and group livestreams, which cast a wide net to meet all preferences. Even if the age limit is for 17 year-olds and above and the app boasts over 40 million registered users, I didn’t see any inappropriate streams. The people in the comments sections were kind and were genuinely conversing with the streamer and each other. There was no trolling at all, so you can count on the community to keep it safe.


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Is it easy to start streaming?


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If there’s anything we learned from seasoned streamers, all you need are a smartphone and a stable internet connection. LIVIT has a lot of customization options for your livestream, such as stickers, filters and other basic editing tools to improve the video’s look. So the additional software, a fancy microphone and pretty setups can follow.


The app also has Baby Coins, which are used to give gifts to one’s favorite streamer. These help them make bank while doing their thing. But the downside, for others perhaps, is that earning on LIVIT requires you to work with them on a contract. Contracted streamers are handpicked by the staff themselves and are the ones who get to earn from the coins they receive. If you’re serious about making money on LIVIT, then you can jumpstart by auditioning.


These streamers can also be part of the LIVIT Army. This is their version of premium content by streamers that their fans and followers can buy. It’s kind of like a YouTube channel membership or a Patreon subscription within the platform, which helps livestreamers earn more because the proceeds go directly to them.


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We’ve seen the worst of livestreams on Instagram, Facebook and other popular platforms. At least we know LIVIT’s communities don’t stand for that toxicity. Trolls and questionable content won’t survive or even stay up for longer than ten seconds, which offers a safe pocket of space on the internet.


All things considered, LIVIT is a promising app for those looking to be entertained for hours on end. Livestreamers are free to do their own thing while staying socially distant without the fear of getting trolled on camera. And if they find themselves at home with the app and what they’re doing, they can go the extra mile and audition as a certified streamer. 



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