Get Affordable and Reliable Healthcare with Maxicare

Get Affordable and Reliable Healthcare with Maxicare

Quality healthcare from Maxicare for small and medium-sized enterprises



With the pandemic’s brutal aftermath still evident in the Philippines, small businesses are struggling to stay afloat. Though many places are reopening to revitalize the economy, given vaccinations happening all over the country, the long-enduring effects manifest in other ways. 


For small and medium-sized enterprises and freelancers in the country, affordable and reliable healthcare has never been more essential. With Maxicare SME Healthcare Plans, entrepreneurs can prioritize the health and overall wellbeing of their employees, ultimately empowering them to do and be better. 


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At the special Maxicare launch, brand ambassador, entrepreneur and chef Marvin Agustin, revealed how he uses Maxicare to provide for all his employees especially in the midst of a pandemic. Before, he had doubts about getting healthcare plans for his employees, but because of the affordability and convenience of Maxicare’s plans; it put healthcare within reach. He shares, “Ang laking changes, ang laking challenge, disruption na nangyari sa food scene (We experienced big changes, challenges and disruptions in the food scene). We had to follow the safety protocols and at the same time, the threat of COVID is serious. Isa ‘yan sa mga unang-unang dapat alagaan (This is one of the things to prioritize), and pay attention to the safety of everyone. We won’t be able to operate if people, [our] employees and [our] staff would get sick, and [it's] also not safe for the customers.”


He adds, “Given that there’s COVID, there’s this threat of us getting sick anytime. Kapag may ganitong challenges, andaming naapektuhan. Wala na ngang papasok na sales, pero ang dami mo pang kailangan bayaranrenta, suppliers, salary of employees. Pero kapag nagkaroon naman ng sakit, tapos wala kang Maxicare na HMO, mas malaking gastos at mas malaki ang po-problemahin. (When there are these types of challenges, many are affected. You don’t get any sales but there’s so much to spend for—rent, suppliers, salary of employees. But when you get sick and you don’t have Maxicare HMO, you spend for a larger sum and you end up having more problems). I’m happy that Maxicare reached out to me [and I] have learned more. Now, I am more ready to do my business, to succeed with my team, and my team and my staff would also have peace of mind that if ever something happens to them, there’s Maxicare that would help them.” 


Get Affordable and Reliable Healthcare with Maxicare


Accepted by over 1,000 hospitals and clinics around the country and with 1.6 million members, Maxicare is a leading provider of the finest healthcare in the Philippines. Depending on the size of your organization, plans start for as low as P4,600 to P6,000 per employee per year. 


Invest in your employees, and get access to quality healthcare with the premier healthcare provider in the country, protecting your business from unplanned expenses. 



If you want to learn more about Maxicare and the details for each Maxicare SME Healthcare plans, click here



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