For The Occasional Cook: Here’s What I’ve Learned About Air Fryers

For The Occasional Cook: Here’s What I’ve Learned About Air Fryers

Trust me, I’m on my second so I’ve learned a thing or two about air fryers



If you’re a condo dweller, you and whomever you live with are likely no stranger to house rules. There’s one I took quite seriously: using an induction cooktop or range because gas stoves aren’t allowed in the building. We settled for an induction cooker to start and I despised every day I had to use it. Sure, I’m not kitchen-savvy, but I read the manual and still couldn’t boil eggs without hot water splashing all over the counter. I needed a quick save while I mulled over my options (an electric range!). That quick save was an air fryer and I still use one to this day.


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Anyway, here’s what I learned about air fryers so you don’t start a fire or melt your counters. Trust me, I’m on my second so I’ve learned a thing or two about them.



Read the instructions

Honestly, it’ll save you time, money and tears. No need to read through every page, just how to use, how to clean and maintain, and the list of warnings. 


Manage your expectations

Make sure to do your homework before your buy your appliance so you know exactly what you’re getting. For one, there is some misconception about not needing oil when cooking in the air fryer. But from what I’ve learned, you actually need it to keep your meat and vegetables moist. Don’t forget to add the oil and seasoning BEFORE you pop it in the air fryer though.


Repeat after me: do not overfill your basket

Airflow is crucial to an air fryer. So an overstuffed basket wont give you crispy golden fries or nuggets. It will steam them and give you sad, soggy snacks. Throwing a house party? Let your superheated convection do its job and fry in batches.


Check your counters before your wreck them

I swear this didn’t happen to me. Air fryers are a countertop appliance, and they give off different levels of heat. This means they can melt, scorch or crack if your counters are not made with strong materials, like granite or marble.


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Now if you’re wondering what my second air fryer is, it’s a Mayer 1.5L Air Fryer. She’s neither fancy nor digital, but my Mayer Air Fryer is cute and compact, and gets the job done. It features an automatic cut-off switch, overheating protection and a cool to the touch handle and non-slip feet. It’s available in cute colors, like mint green and rose, and fits just right in my kitchen condo.



So for you, the occasional cook, don’t let naysayers tell you you can’t! You just need a little help—I got mine from an air fryer.



Art Matthew Fetalver

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