Keeping It Clean: Our Favorite No Alcoholic Drinks Hangouts

Keeping It Clean: Our Favorite No Alcoholic Drinks Hangouts

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Some people think it’s a little strange, but my friends and I see each other every week—sometimes more than once a week. The after-office times are for movies and for dinners, but Fridays and/or Saturdays are always for some booze. In fact, it gets a little difficult for us to think up places that don’t tempt us with alcohol. 


I’m not an alcoholic mom, I promise. 


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With everything that’s happening in the world now, staying at home is a call for safety and consideration. But when this is all over—whenever that may be—here’s a list of no alcoholic drinks hangout places to visit. Or, at least, places that offer much more than just booze. 


Deck MNL




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When I said good, clean fun, I meant it. 


Deck MNL has quite the stack of board games to sift through, from the classics like Monopoly to the more Millennial Cards Against Humanity. Pick a table, a game, order some food and get into some fights with your friends. Besides, we’re always looking for offline ways to connect, right? And if it brings out the ugly competitive side of you, then at least you’ll know who your true friends are. 


The Curator Coffee & Cocktails 

Legaspi Village, Makati 



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I know it says “cocktails” right in the name, but The Curator is a lot more than its bar; it truly is an experience. The coffee selection speaks for itself, but the environment it creates is really what you go for. Posh without being too intimidating, it’s perfect for conversations that go late into the evening. And if you still want to taste their cocktails, you can always opt for a mocktail. Just tell the bartender about your limitations and preferences, and they’ll whip up something special for you. 


iDarts DASH

Bonifacio Global City



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Another entry for the competitive ones out there, iDarts DASH levels up the classic darts game (and somehow makes it harder, too?). This favorite in BGC does get full and it does serve alcohol, but maybe the adrenaline will be enough to keep you and your friends entertained? 


City Kart Racing

Circuit Makati 



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Don’t be afraid, non-drivers; karting is meant for kids—no experience necessary! Get on the road, get your foot on the pedal and get ready to attempt not to hit the barricades. Make it more fun and collect some prizes for friends or family or just enjoy the laps. 


SM Ice Skating Rink 

SM Megamall, SM Southmall, SM Mall of Asia and others


Keeping It Clean: Our Favorite No Alcoholic Drinks Hangouts

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A way to enjoy each other’s company and beat the heat is through ice skating. A lot of people tend to get turned off by the amount of people that are usually on the rink, but if you think about it, they can be part of the fun. Meet new people as you all stumble over the ice or just hold on to the friends you know won’t let you down (literally). 


P.S. Also a pretty fun date idea—especially if you’re looking for that first excuse to get a little close. 



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I guess finding nonalcoholic drinks hangout places isn’t so difficult, after all. You just need to be up for some activity. 



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