What’s So Great About the Sex Ed Website Emma Watson Was Raving About?

What’s So Great About the Sex Ed Website Emma Watson Was Raving About?

This is the kind of girl talk we need



Let’s talk about sex––and not just the penetrative kind that most men believe to be sexy and amazing and powerful enough to cure cancer. I mean the kind that feels good to women. The kind that can actually make their eyes water and their toes curl and actually get them to finish.


According to OMGYes, an online site dedicated to women’s pelasure, there are 12 ways to get to that proverbial finish line.


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A little background: you may have heard about OMGYes some time back. Emma Watson talked about it and made no secret of how much she loved the site: she’d even paid for no-holds-barred access to content. We won’t lie, $39 (and that’s at a discount) for a little info on how and where to touch? Seems a little steep. But we’re all for giving women’s pleasure the attention it deserves, and really, anything Hermione sings praises about is enough to pique our curiosity if only a little.


With that, we did a little exploring.


What’s So Great About the Sex Ed Website Emma Watson Was Raving About?OMGYes 12 Techniques


Enter: the 12 techniques to making a woman climax. Don’t let the terminology scare you––these are the result of the opinions and wisdom of real women (to be precise, over 2,000 of them aged 18 to 95). Some like it consistent, some live for the element of surprise. Others like undulating attention: receiving in spades then being denied. Each of these brings a different kind of pleasure to the table, and frankly, they’re worth exploring even if you think you know what gets you off. What makes one woman reach orgasm might not work for the next, and having penis-in-vag sex isn’t the only way to get there.


The website is built on these 12 tenets, but the learning doesn’t stop at defining terms. What sets OMGYes apart, and what makes women, men and even Emma Watson love it, is that they show you the ins and outs, the whats and hows of pleasure. Sure, it’s women touching themselves on camera, but it’s not porn. It makes for really crappy porn, if anything. It’s instructional, it’s personal. It’s like a trusted friend taking you through the conundrums that are sex and masturbation.


There are touchable videos, too, which is awfully useful considering how some men don’t even know what a clitoris is (trust us, it’s disappointingly but true). Theory needs application and this touchable content is the test drive opportunity for all that clit-touching action you learn by reading and watching.


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Women have talked about sex in hushed tones for far too long. We blush, stay quiet and put that Maria Clara mindset on a pedestal. Modesty is cool, but so is sex––and there’s no need to hide that truth behind a veil.


It’s time to shatter the taboo, get talking, get touching.



Art Alexandra Lara.

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