Podcasts and Radio Meet in Spotify’s Music + Talk Feature

Podcasts and Radio Meet in Spotify’s Music + Talk Feature

The new feature that mixes music with talk has finally landed in the Philippines!



Now that podcasts have become a widespread daily habit for many of us, the hunt for the perfect show might still be ongoing. Unfortunately, finding one that hits that spot is a struggle with the vast selection of shows to choose from. And if you’re a tunes-over-talk person, podcasts might be just be that much less attractive to you. But Spotify dropped a solution onto our laps with the Music + Talk feature, meant to unlock the full potential of audio.


Think: radio shows during early morning rides to school or work. The DJ banters with their co-hosts and guests before segueing to one of the most popular tracks on the airwaves. Move that into a streaming-friendly platform, and you get Music + Talk. It’s kind of like tuning in to your favorite radio show minus the fuzzy sound of static and the fear of signal getting lost in transmission. Plus, you get to re-listen to it anytime, anywhere.


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What’s cool about the Music + Talk feature is that songs played in the middle of the program get displayed on the listener’s Spotify app, allowing them to interact with the song as usual. Listeners can save it to their liked songs or add it to their go-to playlists. Meanwhile, podcasters can merge songs from Spotify’s rich library and seamlessly add them between their soundbites when they upload through the platform


Get a headstart on finding your favorite Music + Talk podcast by checking these local titles out:


Soundtrip with Juggs and Teddy


Juggs Jugueta of The Itchyworms and Teddy Corpus of Rocksteddy bring their tandem to a new podcast, Soundtrip with Juggs and Teddy, to talk about all things OPM. From band breakups, upcoming artists and Pinoy hiphop, they’ll be covering it as they go along each episode. So for timeless tunes and new singers to discover, this show might just be the one.


Makinig Ka Muna with Jim and Saab


The OG Podparents come out with a new program called Makinig Ka Muna, an advice column and curated playlist rolled into one convenient podcast. Their listeners send in letters for them to read, recommend songs to play and discuss throughout the show. So whether you’ll be listening to their advice or not, it won’t hurt to pause and mull over their perspectives.


Worms Upon A Time: An Itchyworms Podcast


On the band’s 25th anniversary, the Itchyworms launched a limited podcast series to take a deep dive into their iconic tracks as OPM legends. For the first episode, members of the band and Wincy Ong dissect The Itchyworms’ iconic earworm Eto Na. Long-time fans of the Itchyworms are definitely going to enjoy tuning in to this one.


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What are you waiting for? It’s high time to enjoy this next-level audio experience. 


Spotify Music + Talk shows can be streamed on Spotify with free and premium subscriptions.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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