PSID 2019’s Graduating Class Takes On Shapes & Sustainability

PSID 2019’s Graduating Class Takes On Shapes & Sustainability

Let’s just say, this year’s PSID grads were up for the challenge



They say that anyone can be a creative, that everyone has a creative bone in their body to leverage on and build upon. But while this might be true—whether that’s through writing, painting, designing—it takes a special skill set to create for someone else. 


Making something out of nothing within a certain set of boundaries isn’t easy; making someone else’s vague vision into something of a reality isn’t simple. Despite this, it’s done time and time again by talented individuals who have dedicated their lives into channeling their passions and skills for others. And today we’re celebrating the PSID graduating class of 2019 for taking on this challenge, as well as shapes and sustainability. 


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Entitled Hugis ATBP, the students were tasked to work with the geometric shapes assigned to them. Upping the ante, they also had to design with sustainability in mind.


So, how did they fare? 


HUGIS: Parisukat at Parihaba—Uniquely Urban

Designers, design for an urban individual. What does your client need and can you fit everything into 30 sqm?


PSID 2019’s Graduating Class Takes On Shapes & Sustainability PSID-2-Yugto

“Making Space”

Designed by Joy A. Delos Reyes and Regine P. Gapasin


Designed by Reoben Cabrera IV, Aubrey Mae Supan and Katia Marie Toledo


PSID-3-Art-Deco-In-The-Metro PSID 2019’s Graduating Class Takes On Shapes & Sustainability

“Art Deco In The Metro”

Designed by Sophia Gandionco, Dani Pangalangan, Betina Rellosa, Kim Santos and Sofia Villa

“Bat Wait, There’s More” 

Designed by Leonard Agustin, Eena Saniel-Duay, Divine Sebuc and Jennine Sze


HUGIS: Bilog at Biluhaba—Serene Suburbs

Answer the question: Can you and how do you cut corners in a circular space? 


PSID-5-Kalinaw PSID 2019’s Graduating Class Takes On Shapes & Sustainability


Designed by Jenevieve Javier, Thea Perez, Edraline Pingol and Kaye Tumbaga


Designed by Abigael Arazo, Ysabel Castro, Monic Cua and Katherine Lee

PSID 2019’s Graduating Class Takes On Shapes & Sustainability balai-habi-PSID

“Cuarto no Canto” 

Designed by Jennifer Cocjin, Geraldine Condez, Belle Enage, Thalia De Mesa and Justine Mendoza

“Balay Habi: A Modern Tree House”

Designed by Cara Dominique Beltran and Lawrence Medina


HUGIS: Tatsulok—Restful Retreats

Whoever said three corners is a little stifling has nothing on these PSID grads. 


PSID 2019’s Graduating Class Takes On Shapes & Sustainability PSID-10-The-B_laan-Retreat


Designed by Janine Apa, Marie Cadayona, Jonathan Lecias and Apple Lim

“The B’laan Retreat”

Designed by Cris Arevalo, Peter James Calvez, Ella Go, Angel Co and Michelle Lacson

PSID-11-The-Sphere PSID 2019’s Graduating Class Takes On Shapes & Sustainability

“The Spear”

Designed by Ireneo Jardenil, Jr., Honey Memar and Paola Mae Caminero

“Gotipino Bamboo Lodge”

Designed by Justin Caballero, Reneeca Cabilzo, Gabby Imbao and Jason Nieva


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Did this year’s PSID graduating class succeed? It certainly seems like it. Designing for their own clientele, every space in the showcase was different and unique and stood out in their own ways. And what becomes evident, as you walk through each execution, is that there is so much more you can do with a corner if you throw in a little imagination.


And if you can’t, if you can’t see beyond a white wall and predisposed corners and one layer of floor space, there’s no need to worry. Strike up a conversation with PSID 2019 for the entire month of October if you have to. Trust us, you'll find someone to do it for you.



The Hugis ATBP showcase from PSID Class 2019 is open to the public from October 1-31, 2019 at the 5th Floor, Greenfield Tower, Mayflower St, Mandaluyong City.



Art Alexandra Lara


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