Game On: Quiz Night Spots Around Metro Manila

Game On: Quiz Night Spots Around Metro Manila

They’re popping up everywhere, these quiz night spots



It really doesn’t matter what day of the week it is; it’s always a weekend somewhere in Metro Manila. There are different gimmicks, different themes and different all-you-can-somethings everywhere—you just need to know where to look.


Lately, it’s been about quiz nights recently. Star Wars questions, Harry Potter questions or just pop culture in general. Other times there is even art trivia thrown into the mix, or maybe some geography and mathematics. Whatever the theme, it’s always loads of fun. But where oh where shall we go for some fun?


Below, a few favorite quiz night spots around Metro Manila.


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The Belle & Dragon


On Thursday nights, The Belle & Dragon demands one thing from its adoring audience: songs. In return, this favorite of Makati will gift you with alcohol and one hell of a night (that you might not remember all of).


Things aren’t as simple as they seem though. Literally miss one “hey” and you are out of the round. So hold on to your know-how and brush up on the Hot 100 (from this year and the early 2000s!) to make not a fool of yourself. More specifically, make sure you can finish (and sing) the lyrics, as well as name the artist and the song.




If you remember stuff from grade school, head on over to NoKal and prove yourself. Going over through some of our “favorite” subjects like math, art, music, geography and language, the night will have you wracking your brain for an answer. Some questions will have you feeling like you don’t know how to multiply and some will make you triumphant—that’s just a risk you’re going to have to be willing to take. But honestly, who knows how the Hawaiian Islands are spread out on a map?


The schedule’s pretty erratic and not a weekly occurrence, so just head over to their Facebook page to keep updated. Usually happens on a Wednesday though.



Literally everywhere

Good old Timezone can never fail you (unless you’re unfortunate enough to go there with a big crowd. Sure, it isn’t a quiz night in the technical sense, but the competitive air is definitely within its walls. Set up a race game with your buddies, a basketball shootout with strangers or simply see how far you can get in a fictional zombie-infested world.


Geek Fight Trivia Night


It hasn’t been around for a while, but Geek Fight Trivia Night told us on August that they’d be back soon. We’re still waiting for the official green light, but this is going to be a welcome change in the quiz night scene. The catch is that you have to go to different venues as Geek Fight Committee doesn’t stick around one place for long—or at least they didn’t way back when.


As the name suggests, only the biggest geeks really stand a chance at winning. And we don’t just mean Star Wars or Star Trek, or Harry Potter here; anything under the geek sphere is brought up. So read up on your sci-fi books, refresh your knowledge on mecha films and comic book characters.


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The Belle & Dragon


Yeah, yeah, we know; it’s already on the list. The thing is, Tuesday nights at The Belle & Dragon are completely different. It’s all about trivia on history, music, pop culture, art and math. Everyone has that one friend that would do great at Jeopardy,right? Well, time to put them to the test.


Maybe we’re all a little competitive and maybe even a little bit masochistic. We like counting our points against other teams, we love getting riled up and we love beating another team that has talked trash throughout the night (despite possibly talking trash ourselves).


Hey, there’s nothing like the sweet feeling of victory, huh?



Art Alexandra Lara

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