The PC Games We Loved: Time To Revisit The Classics

The PC Games We Loved: Time To Revisit The Classics

You guys remember these PC games…right?



Full disclosure: I am not a gamer—at least, not anymore. But once upon a time, in my childhood, I enjoyed hours in front of a screen, maneuvering a pixelated character across rooms and adventures. My games were not in high-definition that titles so often boast now, nor did they have open worlds to explore. But they were classics and they made my childhood. 


Let’s take a walk down memory lane, huh? Let’s revisit the classic PC games that filled our weekend afternoons.


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Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee


In a barely remembered meat factory, a Mudokon slave named Abe inadvertently finds out that the owner’s next plan of action is to create a new product with Mudokon meat. Abe, controlled by us, then takes it upon himself to free him and his people from extinction. 


Two-dimensional and save-only-at-checkpoint, it is the epitome of classic gaming. Touch an obstacle and you’re dead, get caught by an enemy and you’re dead, fall of an edge and you’re dead. And Abe’s alien/creature-voice? Brilliant. 


Theme Hospital


Once in a while, a gem of a game like Theme Hospital comes around and no other game developer will dare try an attempt at recreation. The premise is simple: Design a hospital, hire staff and make sure it’s up to fictional patients’ standards. It’s essentially a business game that forces you to work within budget, make profit and hire the right balance of specialists. 


Someone vomits in the waiting room? Clean it up! Receptionists being sassy over the loudspeakers? Love them! Not enough seating space outside the doctors’ offices? Better put some chairs anywhere you can put them. 


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Diablo II


I personally didn’t play this, but I get its appeal—and Blizzard’s 2016 Diablo II patch is proof its still-present popularity. An RPG that hasn’t been matched, the gameplay is intense yet appealing and has truly stood the test of time. 




If any of you younguns think Bethesda’s Fallout series is brand spanking new, think again. Back in 1997, the original PC series Fallout was introduced and—clearly—left its mark and influence on modern gaming.


There were a lot of titles that anchored themselves into the franchise, but we’re going with the original because it brought us the Wasteland, The Brotherhood of Steel and Pip-Boy. Bow. 




A mysterious island and a puzzle/adventure game. In Myst, players had to solve puzzle after puzzle to advance through, encouraging all of us to explore every damn corner of that daunting space.


Granted, Myst is likely to be considered too slow for most gamers nowadays, but why are we always in a rush anyway? I think it’s about time we slow things down and a walk down the corridors of Myst might just do the trick. 



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So, you know what, keep your open worlds and movie-quality cut scenes. If I could use that money for an old PC with some classic PC games, I would. Who’s the gamer now, huh? (Lol, I know it isn’t me, so let me know what titles I missed!)



Art Alexandra Lara

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