SB19 and Samsung Unleash Awesome With the New Galaxy A Series


June 28, 2021
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SB19 finds their best match with the Samsung Galaxy A Series



SB19 is a force to be reckoned with, especially with a growth no one was able to predict. What started as a huge leap from Go Up and Alab (Burning), SB19 was able to compete with the likes of BTS and BLACKPINK for the Top Social Artist award at the recent Billboard Music Awards. The pandemic may have stopped them from meeting A’TIN face-to-face, but they still keep bringing them new music and surprises. SB19 just marked a new era with MAPA and released a band version with Ben&Ben. Not to mention, they’re gearing up for an online concert called Back In The Zone that’s happening on July 18, 2021.



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Nonetheless, the boys of SB19 still look for ways to wind down and maximize their creativity on their own. Whether it’s focusing on their shooting another TikTok, jotting down ideas when inspiration hits and indulging themselves with a round (or four) of online mobile games, they need a digital sidekick to help them unleash their awesome. This was what they excitedly talked about last June 26th, at the A’TIN Awesome Live Checkout.


SB19 found their best matches for work and play with the Samsung Galaxy A series, especially for creating the content they share with A’TIN. Pablo, Stell, Justin, Josh and Ken showed the TikTok dances they still remember and sampled an acapella version of MAPA. They also discussed how the Galaxy A12 helps them create their art side projects, shoot their TikToks and unwind with mobile games. But one of the main events was the treats upon treats that came pouring down just for A’TIN. Fans got the chance to play games with SB19 and win prizes like photocards, t-shirts and free tickets to Back In The Zone. 


More discounts and vouchers are still up for grabs from June 26 to July 8, where A’TIN can get up to PHP300 off select Galaxy A series smartphones when they visit Samsung’s official website. Meanwhile, those vying to get tickets to SB19’s upcoming online concert Back In The Zone can hit two birds with one stone. Daily flash deals for select Samsung Galaxy A units are ongoing until June 30th and come with a free Back In The Zone concert ticket. A’TIN still has two more days to set their alarms and join these flash sales:


June 29, 2021, 12 NN to 2 PM

The first 100 buyers of a Galaxy A02s (3GB) will receive a free ticket to SB19’s Back In The Zone concert. Apply the code SB19200 upon checkout to claim the bundle.


June 30, 2021, 12 NN to 2 PM

The first 100 buyers of a Galaxy A02 will receive a free ticket to SB19’s Back In The Zone concert. Apply the code SB19200 upon checkout to claim the bundle.


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Safe to say that SB19 and A’TIN are ready to unleash their awesome together with matching Samsung Galaxy A series phones.



The Samsung Galaxy A12 and Samsung A02s are available for purchase via Samsung’s official website or their official Shopee store. SB19’s discount codes are only valid for purchases done through Samsung’s website.



Art Alexandra Lara

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