Spotify Now Lets You See Your Matches in Music Taste

Spotify Now Lets You See Your Matches in Music Taste

Discover if you and your favorite artist love the same tunes



There’s nothing like bonding with your best friends through music. A collaborative playlist can transport you to your favorite sceneries while discovering new favorite songs to keep on loop. Unfortunately, trading recommendations doesn’t exactly measure the overlap between two people’s vast music libraries. How much do we love a particular artist? Do they listen to someone I don’t like? What about our favorite tracks? Thanks to Spotify, users can now see how similar (or dissimilar) their music tastes are with Blend.


The largest music streaming platform rolled out Blend earlier this year. It originally accommodated blended playlists between two users, measuring their music compatibility by a percentage. Users then can access a shared playlist, bringing them closer than ever through familiar and brand-new tunes. Call it algorithm-powered music recs—that’s the context. But for 2022, Blend gets an upgrade.



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Spotify Blend can now measure music matches and curate a playlist for larger groups, with 10 users at once being the maximum. All you need to do is look up “Blend” on the search bar and tap on the genre. Once you’re there, tap “Create a Blend” and let the app do its thing. Share the link with your friends through this new way to merge playlists. It’s a next-level bonding experience.


The newest update also lets users see if their music tastes match their favorite artists such as Megan Thee Stallion, Kacey Musgraves and more. So how much of your Spotify listening history fits with theirs? Finding out just requires a quick tap of a button. 


When I took it out for a spin, my findings were more or less predictable.


As a long-time ARMY, my musical match with BTS closes at 74%. Of course, much of our common ground lies in their classic tracks, Like and Butterfly. The only non-BTS song we had in common was Ariana Grande’s test drive, proving that we share an affinity for smooth bedroom beats.


Meanwhile, when I tried my luck with Charli XCX, Spotify said we matched music histories by 72%. Our shared artists are a little more diverse, with Rina Sawayama’s XS and Sky Ferreira’s Lost In My Bedroom appearing at the top. Safe to say, we both love our experimental pop queens—as we should.



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This isn’t the only exciting feature only available on the app. Spotify also has Enhance available for premium users. The app adds songs based on the tracks present for a longer, better and beefier listening experience.


With updates like these, Spotify continues showing why it’s the largest music and podcast streaming app worldwide. Head on over to the app to try these out yourself.



Spotify Blend is available for both free and premium subscriptions. Download Spotify via the App Store or Google Play now.



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