What’s So Cool About The Coconut Club?

What’s So Cool About The Coconut Club?

BGC has another hotspot people can’t stop talking about



Getting a few drinks with friends will never go out of style, but our minds and preferences are constantly changing. One night, we’ll want something chill and laid back, the next we’ll want to dance against strangers, convinced by the alcohol that we can move like Tom Holland.


Really, there’s no wonder why hotspots are constantly changing around the Metro. And with BGC always bursting with action and constantly changing itself, it remains one of everyone’s go-to’s. One recent addition is The Coconut Club and people swear by it. But what exactly makes this newcomer so special (for now)?


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It’s timely

The aesthetic of The Coconut Club is basically a beach resort that’s high on colorful accent pieces and dark lighting. And if the couches, music and drinks don’t have you imagining a night at the beach, the indoor palm tree definitely will.


 the-coconut-club-inside  the-coconut-club-inside2


So for those of us that can’t afford or set time aside for drinks at an actual beach, The Coconut Club is ready and willing to transport us. The lesson we can all learn? Being seasonal definitely works.


It’s cheap (for BGC)

The cocktails cost less than P200 a glass, the bottles range from P1,100-P3,000, alcoholic slushies are P120 per glass and P350 per pitcher and the alcoholic pitchers don’t clear the P500 mark. Not bad for a drinking place in the heart of BGC.


Oh, it’s P75 for San Mig Light and Pale, P150 for Red Horse and the draft beer options go from P125-P495 depending on how much you wanna drink. There’s also wine, sangria and coffee.


The food is ?

The Coconut Club doesn’t actually sell food, but its next door neighbor and sister company, Friends and Family, does. There’s no issue with cross ordering and you won’t have to pay two bills at the end of the night either.


Friends and Family has a menu that will satisfy any Pinoy and Pinoy food lover. There are various types of sisig, as well as fresh lumpia, chicharon bulaklak, mushroom chicharon and a Putok Batok Platter that has isaw manok, chicharon, kropek and chicken skin.


the-coconut-club-sisig the-coconut-club-lumpia
the-coconut-club-mushroom the-coconut-club-platter

Images via Friends & Family PH/Facebook


It’s not exactly healthy, but hey, Friends and Family never claimed to be.


It’s smoke-friendly

In a Philippines that is getting stricter and stricter with this no smoking nonsense, The Coconut Club has become a haven in BGC. As one of the few establishments that allow smoking in its premises, it’s practically a no-brainer for smokers to hang out there.


What’s So Cool About The Coconut Club?


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Smoking and drinking just go together like ice water on a hot dayyou know, for some people.


You’re going to find parking somewhere

It’s BGC. There are parking buildings and open parking areas everywhere. And while you might not get the ideal spots, walking around BGC is never quite as draining as walking around Makati.


It’s near other places

If you feel like getting food somewhere else, drinks somewhere else or just don’t feel the vibe as much as the night goes on, chill. There’s always somewhere else to go in BGC.


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The novelty and appeal of The Coconut Club is clear, but is it enough to keep the place going? The answer for now is yes, but who knows? Maybe a month or two from now, everyone will be looking for a space-themed bar instead.



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