We’re Spending Valentine’s Day Apart This Year. Don’t Worry, These Toys Will Keep You & Your SO Company


February 9, 2021
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This one’s for all the couples living apart (and the unattached looking for a good time). We gotchu



Boo’d up or single, many of us are spending Valentine’s Day apart because, well, we’re technically still in quarantine. But as someone who once took love month for granted because of the two C’s that come with it—clichés and crowds—I now realize how important the celebration is for couples who live apart (or the unattached looking for a good time). The value of being able to hold hands or touch one another because you can. The way his arms feel around yours, the weight of her body pressed against your body—all that (and honestly, more) are things we sorely miss and crave. 


But it’s not impossible to celebrate (and have fun) apart, thanks to modern technology. Here’s what you’ll need: a toy that suits you and your S.O.’s needs, a room to yourself and a lot of dirty talk.


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If You’re In A Relationship 

valentines day toys satisfyer royal oneSatisfyer Royal One

Don’t be intimidated, this sleek cock ring brings long, pulsating pleasure to the penis with its vibration modes. Flexible and adapts to all sizes, this can be controlled manually or long distance via the free Satisfyer App. Best of all, it’s quiet and waterproof. Just make sure to charge ahead of time for uninterrupted use! 


Interested? Check it out here.



valentines day toys satisfyer curvySatisfyer Curvy 2+ 

Similar to the Royal One, this toy is perfect for long-distance lovers! Controlled by an app, you can stimulate her lady parts with a combination of air-pulse stimulation and powerful vibrations. Choose from several suction and vibration modes, and don’t forget to ask which combinations make her feel good! 


All the details, right this way.



Lauvette’s Sets

Pick one: Hard Driver Set or Ladylike Love Egg Set.

valentines day toys hard driver setladylike love egg set


Made for the wild ones, the Hard Driver Set includes a penis ring, water-based pineapple lubricant and a breaking taboos button pin. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to add a little spice to your relationship, there’s the Ladylike Love Egg Set. It features a ladylike love egg, lube in the same pineapple variant and a breaking taboos button pin. Both sets come in discreet pouches for easy gifting and storage.



If You’re Single

valentines day toys zanyTickler Zany

Who needs a boyfriend when you can have a toyfriend? One of Ilya’s bestsellers, this mini vibe isn’t just cute—it’s a tease and it fits right in your pocket. But don’t let the size fool you, it can definitely live up to the buzz, if you know what we mean.


Ready to meet your toyfriend? Click away.



valentines day toys hedySvakom Hedy

For the guy looking for some good, clean fun, there’s this: a masturbatory sleeve. Made with textured nubs that bring pleasurable strokes to your member, this gadget can be used up to five times. Just make sure to wash and dry before taking it for another round. 


Take it home.




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So, you ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day yet?



Art Matthew Fetalver

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