Tier One Entertainment Unveils New Talents

Tier One Entertainment Unveils New Talents

Tier One introduces two new talents and 24 new AMPLFY Creators



Gaming has come so far since its negative reputation as something that deviates someone from success. Raise your hand if you’ve gotten your fair share of “Kaka-computer mo ‘yan!” sermons during your childhood! We’ve been there, too. 


Growing up, I always had a pessimistic outlook of gaming—it was the cause of petty fights at home between me and my sibling during a time when internet services were constantly unreliable, and I often felt like it took away precious time with my friends who were busy pounding at their computers. (“Don’t use the WiFi! My game is lagging!”) With my prejudice, I had stereotyped games as “masculine” and therefore uninteresting. I had no interest in combat, violence or sports—themes I thought enveloped the realm of gaming. 


With time, the gaming scene transformed, and so has my perspective on it. What was previously viewed as a “detrimental” hobby grew into a thriving industry, with Tier One Entertainment being one of its frontrunners. The company, co-founded by esports player Tryke Guitierrez, gamer and cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao, and entrepreneur Brian Lim, is the country’s very first gaming and esports talent agency. As they celebrate six years in the industry empowering and nurturing passionate gamers, Tier One Entertainment introduces stellar new additions to their line of talents. 

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Sharlene San Pedro (24), actress and gaming video creator

Sharlene San Pedro is no stranger to showbiz. She has a rich filmography, spanning from her days as a child actress to her most recent project, Ten Little Mistresses, which was released on Prime Video this year. She’s a multifaceted celebrity who’s made her name as an actress, singer, vlogger, VJ and TV host. She recently delved into gaming, streaming and content creation during the pandemic, and now boasts a following of 2 million on Facebook and 1.9 million on TikTok, where she regularly streams her Call of Duty games. 


On why she chose to pursue this partnership, Sharlene says, “Kaya ko rin siya pinasok, kasi gusto ko na female [players] naman mag-dominate, masaya lang na ma-represent ‘yung mga kababaihan sa gaming industry and maipakita kung gaano ka-friendly ‘yung community natin. (The reason why I joined is because I want to see female [players] dominating. It's fun to represent women in the gaming industry and show how friendly our community is.)”



Jhanzen “Bulldog” Latorre (22), gamer and streamer

Jhanzen Latorre, known more for his online persona “Bulldog,” is an Information Technology Student based in Las Piñas. Similarly to Sharlene San Pedro, his foray into gaming started during the pandemic, where he resorted to playing Mobile Legends to pass the time. His friends encouraged him to try out streaming after pointing out that his playful personality would translate well into the online space. These days, he streams Mobile Legends and GTA V on Facebook, where his live streams garner up to 1.4 million views. 


Bulldog extends his gratitude to Tier One Entertainment for his development as an internet personality. “Mas nakilala ko po kung sino pa ako, ‘yung mga tama at dapat na gawin, na-gu-guide ako nang maayos. Mas tinuturuan ako ng Tier One na humarap sa maraming tao. (I got to know who I am better, what is right and what should be done, I was guided properly. Tier One teaches me more to deal with many people).”


Tier One Entertainment Unveils New Talents


AMPLFLY Creators 

AMPLFY, Tier One’s learning platform for creators, also had new additions to their roster. The 24 new signees come from different backgrounds and disciplines, expanding the company’s portfolio. 

  • Teddy Corpuz
  • Ser Geybin
  • Chief Allen
  • Kayla Heredia
  • Reed Motovlog
  • Charuth
  • Chacha Pega
  • LuckyBoi
  • Galactic Shark
  • Coach Abby
  • Drei Gaspar
  • Hans Gelendez
  • Page ni Ato
  • Junell Dominic
  • Angelika Rufo
  • Elma Asagra
  • Kalo
  • Legendenis
  • Patricio
  • Pasty
  • Joseph Activate
  • Beth Capinpin
  • Capt. Kelzy
  • Berty


The industry is young and ever-evolving, and there is much to expect. Contrary to my previous prejudice towards the hobby, gaming seems more appealing to me now that the barrier has been lowered. I’ve been introduced to games that pique my interest (AKA kid-friendly, not-so-violent games) thanks to my gamer boyfriend who loves Super Mario Bros and Zelda (but also loves his fair share of Dark Souls). I’ve made gamer friends, Courtney and Abby of Gamer Girls Philippines, who’ve taught me any game at any skill level qualifies you as a gamer, because it’s all about having fun. So, if you catch me buying a Nintendo Switch and playing Animal Crossing to join the gaming community, you know who to thank.


With new faces to look out for and new niches to explore, we can’t wait for the new talents creators of Tier One Entertainment and AMPLFY will bring.


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Photos Tier One Entertainment

Words Gwyneth King

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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