TikTok Made Me Buy It: 8 Game-Changing Items For Your Workstation


September 27, 2021
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The budol doesn’t stop



TikTok is a black hole in the best way possible. Whether you’re a regular content creator or just a quiet user skimming through the platform, you’ve probably experienced scrolling through your For You Page for hours. Before you know it, a long time has passed and the new viral hits are stuck in your head. And if you’re like me, the items in your Shopee cart might have doubled in number after an endless scrolling sesh.


If the 2010s had “Do it for the Vine” as their guiding quote, the 2020s probably would have “TikTok made me buy it.” But, if we’re talking numbers, the hashtag #budolfinds has over 210 million views on the app—which means TikTok can tell you which finds are worth the money and the hype.


Ahead, some TikTok-approved finds that are game-changers for your workstation, all for your (window) shopping pleasure.


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Diatomaceous Coaster (P107)


For the longest time, we’ve all struggled with the annoying water rings left by our cold drinks. At least the diatomaceous coaster absorbs the water and there won’t be spills or stains left when it’s time to clean up. If it starts to get less absorbent, just leave it out in the sun to dry and try again.


Shop the Diatomaceous Coaster on Shopee.


360-Degree Phone Stand with Light (P1799)


The adjustable stand’s dock can turn 360 degrees, bend halfway and extend as high as 130 cm or 51 inches. This makes it an excellent sidekick for content creators. It’s best for selfie shots, TikTok try-ons, flat lays—you name it. On either side of the panel are bright lights with three different colors. Also included is a Bluetooth remote that controls the connected phone’s shutter and the stand’s lights.


Cop the 360-Degree Phone stand on Shopee.


Two-Way Wooden Laptop Stand (P229)


Using a laptop stand reduces strain on your neck as it prevents you from looking below eye level. If you’re not too picky about adjustable heights, this two-way wooden laptop stand might be the perfect fit. The rack is multi-purpose, elevating one’s device while working or saving space while vertically storing tablets and laptops. 


Get your own wooden laptop stand on Shopee.


3D Digital Clock (P278)


Keep track of time with this attention-catching 3D digital clock. It’s cute but minimalist in aesthetic and lends a unique touch to your home. The clock’s light is also sensitive, so it brightens and dims depending on the time of day.


Shop the 3D Digital Clock on Shopee.


Desk Riser (P229 for one level, P399 for two levels)


This wooden desk riser seems to be a hit on TikTok right now, a small item that switches up any area. Elevate computer monitors and maximize desk space by adding another level with a desk riser. Plus, the extra space at the bottom can serve as storage for small items and keyboards to avoid a cluttered and crowded desk.


The desk riser is available on Shopee.


Leather Desk Mat (P195)


Add a little color break to a workstation station with this leather desk mat. The material is smooth enough to serve as a mousepad which offers more working room, especially for those who take up a lot of space while in the zone.


Cop your desk mat here.


Cord Organizer (P139 for 10 pcs)


Store and keep your chargers with this organizer retails for P140 for 10 pieces. The plastic boxes have holes where one can bring out only a certain length of the cord, which prevents them from getting tangled with each other. The organizer is easy to store, either in a tray or stacked in a drawer.


Shop the cord organizer on Shopee.


Ergonomic Office BB Chair (P2150)


The longer we’ve been working at home, the more we realize we miss the comfy chairs at the office. But one does not need to break the bank to replicate it. Shopee also houses ergonomic chairs that are budget-friendly and are equally sturdy. A downside for some is that the chair arrives disassembled, so you’ll need patience while putting together (it’s also okay to ask for help if you live with family).


Get your own Ergonomic Office BB Chair on Shopee.


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Before you say you’re all set for the Pay Day Sale, here are some hacks you can try out before you check out.


Did we miss other TikTok-approved items that you had to buy? Let us know in the comments below!



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