Eight Unique and Unforgettable Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Date

Eight Unique and Unforgettable Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Date

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or taken as you’ll surely enjoy the Valentine’s Day date ideas



Valentine’s Day week is upon us, and you’re probably wondering what you can do during this special occasion. Perhaps you want to celebrate this momentous event or just want to take your mind off things and spend time with yourself or with a loved one. Whether you’re going on a solo date (there’s no shame in that!) or with a special someone, here are some exciting activities that you’ll surely enjoy this Valentine’s.


Bond with shelter animals at PAWS


It doesn’t matter if you’re single this Valentine’s as you’ll get the chance to date various cuties at the Philippine Animal Welfare Society’s (PAWS) annual FURst date, which will be happening this February 14 to 18 at the PAWS Multi-Purpose Hall. Here, you’ll get the chance to bond with a shelter animal of your choice and enjoy a yummy snack, inclusive of coffee and a PAWS mug. Truly, this FURst date will be an unforgettable experience for you and the rescued animals at PAWS. Here’s to celebrating Valentine’s Day in a meaningful way!


Learn more and reserve your FURst date slot via the PAWS Facebook page


Bake pastries at I Did It Myself (IDIM) Bakery


I Did It Myself (IDIM) Bakery is not your ordinary bakehouse. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-timer or an experienced baker as IDIM bakery makes baking a piece of cake. You can get your hands dirty with different pastries and decorate them according to your liking. They even have special Valentine’s cakes, such as the Beary In Love cake, Adore-a-bear Love cake and Bouquet Love cupcakes, which are available for a limited time. You’ll never get bored, too, because you can have a cup of milk tea at the beverage area or play around with the bakery’s claw machine while waiting. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the dishes. So yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too!


Check out IDIM Bakery’s website for more information. 


Make ceramics at Bumi & Ashe


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Located in Cubao Expo, Bumi & Ashe is a pottery studio where you can make your own ceramics. They offer various workshops ranging from hand-building (where you make ceramics purely by hand) to wheel-throwing (where you create ceramics using a wheel). This February 9 to 18, Bumi & Ashe is offering a Valentine’s Day Private Pottery Date, where you can bond with your loved one while creating ceramics. Regardless of whether you’re going solo or as a duo, one thing’s for sure: working with clay can help you take your mind off things as well as feel calm and grounded. You can also unleash your creativity, especially with the pieces you’ll create and the glazes you’ll choose to paint them. As a bonus, not only is the studio aesthetic, but it’s also pet-friendly, too! 


Book your pottery session at the Bumi & Ashe website


Pour Paint at Paint It Fun


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You’ve most probably seen satisfying paint-pouring videos while scrolling through your Instagram or TikTok feed. So here’s to introducing Paint It Fun, the first paint pour workshop in Metro Manila! Here, you can play with paint by layering different colors on a cup and pouring it on your chosen product—may it be a figurine (like a bear, a cat or a bunny) or canvas. Until February 29, you can avail of Paint It Fun’s limited edition flower bear, which comes with a free flower and a Polaroid photo. You can also opt to go to their studio or have a take-home kit delivered so that you can paint in the comfort of your own home. Either way, you’ll have fun coloring your canvas or chosen figurine! 


Book a slot or buy a kit at Paint It Fun’s website


Recreate iconic paintings while sipping a drink at Sip & Gogh


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Imagine this: you’re in a cozy space painting to your heart’s content and sipping on a glass of wine (or your favorite drink) while you’re at it. You can do just that at Sip & Gogh, the country’s premier paint and sip studio. Here, you’ll be guided as you recreate iconic paintings like Van Gogh’s Starry Night or you can opt to create your own artwork! You can also choose your own drink—may it be wine, soda or juice—to sip while painting, too. So while you might not consider your work a masterpiece, you’ll at least have fun making it!


Let’s Gogh and reserve your spot at Sip & Gogh’s website


Immortalize memories by taking your photos at Life4cuts


Ah yes, the classic photobooth experience! Of course, a friendly or romantic date wouldn’t be complete without going to a photobooth like Life4cuts to immortalize your experience. In this premium K-photo studio, you can choose from various aesthetic frames and fun props to play around with as you have your photos taken. You’ll also be in a booth, so you don’t have to think about the awkwardness that comes with someone else shooting your photos. And if you’re a K-pop stan like me, you’ll be happy to know that Life4cuts also offers special frames featuring various groups like TWICE, Day6 and Treasure, among others, where you can pose and take photos with your bias! 


Visit Life4cuts PH’s Facebook page for more updates. 


Give bouldering a try at The Bouldering Hive


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If you and your loved one are into physical activity, you’ll probably enjoy this one. But if you’re a newbie, don’t worry as The Bouldering Hive (bhive) is the perfect space for you and your loved one to start your climbing journey. Whether you’re a new or experienced climber, you’ll learn from the bhive’s coaches and staff, all while feeling the support of the bouldering community. Until March 5, you can snag a deal with the bhive’s 2+1 Valentine’s Pack, where you can get three entries for the price of two. So if you’re waiting for a sign, this is it. Go conquer challenges together and climb your heart out! 


Buy a bouldering pass or package at The Bouldering Hive’s website. 


Live out your racer dreams at EKartRaceway


Lights out and away we go! If you’re a big fan of Formula 1 or motorsports in general, you probably know that many drivers started their racing journey with karting. That said, youcan have your own fun driving at EKartraceway, the country’s first all-electric indoor go-kart racing track. Located at SM North Edsa, you can drive adult or junior karts at a multi-level track that was designed by professional racing drivers and contains high-speed straightaways and even technical corners. Don’t fret though, the karts and the track are equipped with safety systems, barriers and sensors to ensure that you and your loved one will get a safe, thrilling and fun racing experience!


Learn more at EKartRaceway’s website


Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!



Words MJ Viernes

Art Macky Arquilla


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