Just Keep Spinning: Expand Your Vinyl Collection with These Online Shops

Just Keep Spinning: Expand Your Vinyl Collection with These Online Shops

Expand your collection with the help of these local stores



Many people previously believed that old technologies would disappear as new ones arrive. Sure, this might be true for the likes of the floppy disk or one-gig MP3 players. But for hobbies like film photography and vinyl records? It seems to be the opposite. Vinyl records have become so popular these past couple of years that it’s normal for artists to release their albums in that format. Sure, we’ve got the world’s most extensive music library right in our pockets, thanks to music streaming apps, but there’s nothing like owning a physical representation of your favorite album.


There’s something so novel and exciting about collecting vinyl records, CDs and cassette tapes. Going through crates and crates of records ‘til you discover a steal adds to the joy of collecting, too. It’s like owning a piece of art that speaks to you as CDs and records immortalize songs. The process of removing a vinyl record from the sleeve, popping it onto the turntable, pressing play and watching it spin on and on—there’s nothing quite like the physical interactions that come with collecting.


But since the pandemic and since searches have become more specific, some providers have opened online shops. So whether you’re a newbie planning to expand their collection or a long-time hobbyist looking for a specific record, let these online shops guide you to your next new find.


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Markarvin Records


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This independently-run record store based in Manila devotes their services to all who love music. Here to help you expand and develop your taste in tunes one record at a time, Markarvin Records services span from providing on-hand titles, searching for specific albums and recommending the best albums from different genres. Plus, this LGBT-owned establishment aims to carve out a safe space for all music lovers from all walks of life.


Fall down the rabbit hole of their nicely curated Instagram feed or shop via their website


Tidal Vinyl


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Check out Tidal Vinyl’s collection of mainstream records and movie soundtracks for more brand new finds. Their selection is best for newbies, from Rina Sawayama’s debut album XS or the entire soundtrack of the cult classic 10 Things I Hate About You.


Look through Tidal Vinyl’s catalog on Instagram.


Analog Daily Records

Analog Daily Records might be the answer to your hunt for new titles in your collection. From preowned records, new mainstream drops to releases by independent musicians from all parts of the world, this store has got you covered. They’ve got titles like Music For Cars by The 1975 and Snail Mail’s Valentine.


Shop from their website and follow them on Instagram.


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Rosano Records


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If your music taste dabbles more into soul, funk, disco and beyond, Rosano Records might hold your next new piece. This Quezon City-based online shop offers preowned and brand-new records for those who’ve got eclectic tastes, such as Sonic Youth’s live album from Smart Bar Chicago and The Cure’s Head On The Door.


Check them out on Instagram or shop for finds via their website.


Asian Gosling Records


Asian Gosling Records focuses more on getting vinyl finds from the US straight to your doorstep. They’ve provided preorders for Bojack Horseman’s soundtrack or the songs of Wong Kar Wai’s In The Mood For Love. But this record store also sells some records on hand, best for those who stumble upon their page and can’t seem to wait.


Take a look at Asian Gosling Records’ collection when you follow them on Instagram.


Plaka Express


This family-owned record store also offers a vast collection of vinyl records, cassette tapes and other related services online. Anyone can get their fix of mainstream albums, retro finds and OPM albums from Plaka Express.


Check out what Plaka Express has to offer on their website. You can also swing by their physical store at #50 Palawan St., Bagong Pag Asa, Quezon City, from 9 AM to 7:30 PM on Mondays to Sundays.


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Where else can we get our vinyl records online? Drop your recommendations in the comments below! 



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