Why Do People Think Women Only Drink When They’re Alone/Sad/Looking To Get Some?

Why Do People Think Women Only Drink When They’re Alone/Sad/Looking To Get Some?

And what is it with all the stereotypically pink drinks?



So you walk into a bar and take a seat with your friends in a corner table that will allow you guys some privacy and a great view of the space. You see a girl walk in and head straight for the stool in front of the bartender who’s mixing up everyone else’s drinks. She orders without waiting for any company and you think:


Why is she alone? She must be heartbroken. Or waiting to get picked up.


She doesn’t seem sad though, which leaves you with the latter option. So when you see a guy approach her, you nudge your friends and give them a knowing look and you all think: There it is. But she surprises you when the guy leaves without getting any conversation in, just a polite handshake and a parting smile.


Could it be, women and alcohol? A girl that wants to just enjoy a drink at the end of the day? What a unicorn! What a rarity!


Yeah, not really. Not a unicorn and definitely not a rarity. Let me lay down a few truths about women that drink for the hell of it.


We drink for fun (gasp!)

Contrary to popular belief, drinking is not a telltale sign of a broken heart, a lover’s quarrel or any other equally bad situation. Like the rest of the population, women also enjoy unwinding after a long day with a glass of their choice. Sometimes it’s to relax, sometimes it’s just to enjoy the actual taste of a drink—like a scoop of ice cream at the end of dinner, except better.


We can drink alone (omg)

Women enjoy the company of women and, on occasion, the company of men, but being alone is a treat we sometimes give ourselves, too. Taking a seat by the bar beside empty stools doesn’t automatically mean we want someone to fill our night with an inappropriate invitation or some unwelcome conversation. We don’t (always) want to hear opening lines that drip with cliché and are followed by a not-so-subtle touch of our arm.


Let us drink our drinks in peace, please.


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We know more than Cosmos, Mojitos, Piña Coladas and Sangrias (mind-blowing, amirite?)

Believe it or not, women know how to appreciate dark-colored drinks too. There’s no denying we love our cocktails, but we do speak whiskey, scotch and beer fluently—as well as vodka and gin. We can drink them straight up, with a mix, neat or on ice.


Cool, huh?


We aren’t out to prove anything when we drink (no way)

Just because we order from the non-cocktail portion of a bar list doesn’t mean we’re looking to prove anything to the people we’re with. Looks of approval are not necessary just because our drink isn’t colorful. We didn’t ask for any praise just because we chose a drink that comes in a short glass.


Sorry not sorry, but hindi kami pa-cool.


Our knowledge isn’t skin-deep (obviously)

According to Drink Manila, women prefer reading about drinks they’ve yet to try. There’s a curiosity there that we like to fulfill before diving straight into the drinking pool, which is why their Women and Tipple event series has been such a breath of fresh air. Throughout the Wednesdays of March, Women and Tipple has brought together women of different industries, all with an interest in the artistry of alcohol, to teach them the ins and outs of what they’re sipping and how they can orchestrate their own drinks at home. And if you haven’t spent time with a group of women, tasting liqueur and making their own samples of cocktails, then you’re seriously missing out.


Thank god Women and Tipple is on the verge of going public.



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Women and alcohol? The best of friends. And not the shallow-I-need-you-to-help-me-move-a-couch-type; we’re more like hey-I-want-to-chill-with-you-just-because-type of friends.



Art Alexandra Lara


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