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YouthHack Fest 2020 & The Four Pillars You Need In Your Life (This Month And Beyond)

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Everything you need to know (and expect) from YouthHack Fest 2020



The last few months have been like a test of survival and adaptability. When the pandemic became a pandemic that we could no longer ignore, we shifted online almost overnight, stretched ourselves thin and are still, to this day, feeling the muscle strain. But we’ve learned our lesson: always have the upper hand (and take every opportunity to grow).


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This is exactly why we’ve been all about self-betterment recently; it’s why we’ve been exploring all options and taking our own advice to heart—because we don’t want to sacrifice the opportunity of being prepared for come what may. But this month, we only need to go to one place: YouthHack Manila.



For all the weeks of September, YouthHack Fest 2020 has something in store for us (and trust us, this is something you don’t want to miss).


September 7 to 11: Education Revolution

Online learning and home-based learning isn’t innate to everyone. There are those of us who have taken online courses before, but if you have none in your history, this shift can be pretty daunting. Where do you even begin?


The first week of YouthHack Fest 2020 is all about tips to help you study efficiently and effectively, the different types of learning you might come across on this new journey and, perhaps more importantly in this day and age, how to filter through everything to get what is right, accurate and necessary. Education, after all, doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all offering. And if you already have the disadvantage of being new to it, you’re going to need all the help and advice you can get.


September 14 to 18: Women In Tech

While the second week of this month’s festivities will feature women that have made a long and lasting impact in the world of tech, there’s more to gather from it. It’s about learning from and being inspired by individuals who have faced challenges in their industries and got through them successfully. It’s about facing adversity and seeing them as something to overcome, not cower from.


And really, who can’t relate to an underdog story?


September 21 to 26: Creativitea

Like we said: everything is going digital. And with the third week of YouthHack Fest 2020 talking to us about design thinking in the digital age, this is something you need in your repertoire.


Pick up tips that will help you create solutions effectively and efficiently in ways that are relevant to our needs now. So, a beginner and crash course on design thinking and digital creativity? Yes, please; count us in.


September 28 to October 3: Startup? Start Now!

The side hustle is something we’re all familiar with, but taking the actual plunge to get started on a startup is a different obstacle to overcome all together. In the final week of YouthHack Fest 2020, this is what we’re talking about.


From brainstorming and creation to learning from past mistakes of courageous startups (with the help of industry experts, no less), we’re in for a world of learning.




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Join for all weeks because you can never know or learn too much; it’s digital, the landscape is always changing.


We kick off on September 7.



YouthHack Manila aims to empower high school and university students in the translation of education to action, in the learning of new skills, in the creation of actual products and in adding value to the world. YouthHack Fest 2020 is simply the latest in their workshops. Follow them on Facebook to stay updated.



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