Industria: An Afternoon with Flu, Our Favorite New Source for Nostalgia and Tito Tunes

Industria: An Afternoon with Flu, Our Favorite New Source for Nostalgia and Tito Tunes

This is one Flu you're gonna wanna catch



Being the first artist signed to a label is bound to come with a side serving of tension and anxiety. First impressions matter, after all. The first band signed to a record label is that bar-setting example referenced years later, the benchmark that is dubbed and measured against without preamble. Luckily for Funky Records, they struck luck with their first artist.


Having seen listened to their singles, talked to the members and seen them perform live just a couple of nights ago as the opening act at Karpos Live Mix 10, I’ve come to the conclusion that Flu is the kind of group that thrives in the in-betweens. The band doesn’t anchor itself on a single genre: they borrow influence from funk, motown, neo-soul and disco, sitting comfortably at the intersection of vintage and feel-good. If you were to associate their sound to the weather, they’d be a cross between sunny and cloudy. And if there were a single word to describe their sound––well, there’d have to be two: Tito tunes.




The band got its start when a few of its members found themselves needing a little help with completing their Music Production thesis project. “It started with me and Randall––we wanted to do a feel-good soul project. Then we stumbled upon this guy,” quips bassist Dieter, telling the tale of how they found their vocalist, Deus. With the addition of guitarists Luigi and John Rae, Flu eventually earned the highest possible mark for the project––and a shot to try their luck in the real world.



Industria: An Afternoon with Flu, Our Favorite New Source for Nostalgia and Tito Tunes

Flu doesn't particularly sound new––but don't get us wrong: while that may sound like an incapacity, it's arguably the band's biggest strength.


A current of nostalgia runs through their music, with the members reaching into their own memories to nail their sound in the head: parents playing old-timey songs in the car, singing the likes of Eric Clapton at their grandfather's karaoke machine in the province, listening to iconic albums of decades past. With songs that can speak across generations and melodies catchy enough to sing to on the first listen, something about Flu feels innately familiar. They sing of long days spent at home in Fine Day, and the magnetic pull of attraction in Get Down. Most recently, their newest track '93 tells the tale of a happy kind of wishful thinking to the sound of an easy, optimistic beat.


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With a fourth single and a full-length album underway, not to mention a spot on the Wanderland 2020 lineup, Flu's matching their brimming potential with a tireless hustle. But don't just take our word for it, let them show you themselves.



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Listen to Flu's newest single '93, and the rest of their growing discography, over on Spotify!



Director and Videographer Ian Francisco of New Monarq Creativx

Assisted by Ela Bendaña

Produced by Cessi Treñas

Art Alexandra Lara

Special thanks to Funky Records

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