PH’s Favorite Good Boy Kim Seon-Ho Visits Manila

PH’s Favorite Good Boy Kim Seon-Ho Visits Manila

We can confirm that Kim Seon-Ho is a true-to-life “Good Boy”



While the days of being in a global pandemic are long behind us, we hold on tight to the memories that we had as we lived through those years. In the midst of unforeseeable circumstances, we latched onto anything that gave us comfort and hope while we had nowhere to go but stay at home. 


The entertainment industry worked doubly hard to produce content to keep us company, all while facing challenges of their own. One K-drama especially brought light into households throughout the world (and if we may say, the Philippines especially) in the ber months of 2020—Start-Up. The show initially gained buzz because of the male and female leads, celebrities Nam Joo Hyuk and Bae Suzy. Later on, fans of the show found themselves falling even harder for Kim Seon-Ho, who played the second male lead, Han Ji-Pyeong, gaining the nickname “Good Boy.” While Kim Seon-Ho might not have gotten the girl in his breakthrough role, he got the hearts of his audiences instead, as well as a lead role in his next K-drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha, which aired in 2021.


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He charmed the world once again as Hong Du-sik, a countryman who gained the title Chief Hong (or Hong Banjang) because of his close ties with the community. He does get a happy ending this time around, as he falls in love with Yoon Hye-jin (played by Shin Min-a), a dentist from Seoul who sets up a clinic in his small town.


PH’s Favorite Good Boy Kim Seon-Ho Visits Manila


The K-drama star visited his fans, the Seonhohadas, in the Philippines once more through his Love to Meet Our Good Boy fan meet arranged by BENCH. He’s a #GlobalBenchsetter, part of the global ambassadors for the leading clothing and lifestyle brand in the Philippines. He joins the likes of other Korean Bench ambassadors including ENHYPEN, Wi Ha Jun and ITZY. 


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The morning of the fan meet was filled with lighthearted emotion as Kim Seon-Ho talked to the press about his partnership with BENCH, his experiences as an actor, as well as his previous roles in Start-Up and Hometown Cha Cha Cha.


Despite his worldwide success, the actor remains humble as he brings his sense of wonder wherever he goes. He mentions that he was able to tour the city and came across his BENCH billboards along EDSA Guadalupe where it only sunk in that he was *the* ambassador of *the* brand.



Through his translator, he says, “I was aware beforehand that BENCH was a big brand in the Philippines, but witnessing and experiencing my giant pictures along the riverside [Pasig River] firsthand made me feel excited and nervous. I’m really grateful [to be] an ambassador for the biggest brand here in the Philippines, BENCH.”


We’re happy to report that Kim Seon-Ho is just as charming as he is on the screen. He has this boyish clumsiness that’s delightful and captivating, and it breaks the image of a “perfect” celebrity for us. He has this genuineness that reminds us that he’s human, not unlike the next person.


PH’s Favorite Good Boy Kim Seon-Ho Visits Manila


Kim Seon-Ho talks about his favorite BENCH pieces: a shirt with a Manila print and a plain white shirt with “BENCH” on the collar, as well as its black counterpart. He loves them because of their versatility, stylishness and comfort. He even chose his outfit for the press conference himself, donning a white BENCH tee over a black button-down. Host Robi Domingo turned out to wear the same shirt under his blue striped button down, and struck a heart pose with their couple tees, as proclaimed by Kim Seon-Ho. 


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The actor has had multiple roles in theater and in the small screen, such as True West Return, Voice of Millenium, Strongest Deliveryman, Two Cops and 100 Days My Prince, but it was in his role in Start-Up where he first gained global recognition. Seon-Ho reveals, “In Korea, the term ‘Good Boy’ is usually used by the elderly towards young children indicating that they are innocent, naïve and pure—the internal character of a person who is kind and pure-hearted. I was really into my role as Han Ji Pyeong, and I cried a lot as well in the drama. So when I hear the name Good Boy, it makes me emotional as well. I feel really happy that my character Han Ji Pyeong was accepted by people everywhere around the world.”



While he doesn’t have a specific hobby, he spends his free time walking and being with his thoughts, and even takes the subway every now and then! The reason behind this is so that he “doesn’t miss what’s happening around society.”  We love a grounded celebrity, and it’s comforting to know that he does live up to his nickname Good Boy in real life!



Out of all the characters he’s played, he considers himself most similar to Captain Hong in Hometown Cha Cha Cha. “[Captain Hong] really likes talking with people about life, and the environment and the ambiance of the series, I think, is personally similar to myself.” It’s clear that he loved playing this role the best.


After taking on aggressive roles in action films (he plays the Nobleman in The Childe), he wants to play characters where he can display his normal, ordinary self again. “I find that talking and having conversations with a lot of people—those kinds of scenes are my favorite and it creates special memories for me…I really appreciate scenes where I’m having conversations with people and showing my audience my ordinary side.”


We’re so excited to see what’s next for Kim Seon-Ho!



Photos BENCH

Words Gwyneth King

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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