Last Minute Pop Culture Halloween Costumes You Can Still Pull Off

Last Minute Pop Culture Halloween Costumes You Can Still Pull Off

Don’t worry about it, Halloween is meant to be ~fun~



Ah, Halloween. It comes every year, but we’re still excited every time it comes up. It signals the holidays (after the ~long~ holiday drought of September), a chance to unwind, a chance to meet up with friends and family—and the perfect excuse to play dress-up. But while figuring out what Halloween costume to wear might be daunting after doing it for years and years, there’s one thing we can always take cues from: pop culture. 


With the slew of movies, series, concerts and pop culture moments every year brings, it’s relatively easy to take cues from them and dress up accordingly. You’ll be put together, relevant and (usually) comfortable for the festivities!


So let’s go: The best pop culture Halloween costumes you can easily pull off! 


Taylor Swift on her Eras Tour

We know some of you are still frustrated that Miss Taylor Swift did not have a stop in the Philippines for her Eras Tour, but here’s your chance to dress up as if you were seeing her live. 


Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour
Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour


And the best part is, you can take your pick. Are you Taylor from her Red era, or maybe folklore, Reputation or Speak Now? Maybe you’re feeling a little Fearless or like a Lover? Whatever you’re feeling—a simple red outfit, a full-fringed ensemble, cowboy boots, sequins; keep it simple and draw “13” on your hand—you’re good to go. 


Barbie or Ken

Ah, another pop culture moment that gives us variety. Dress up as Margot Robbie’s Barbie—workout Barbie, corporate Barbie, Channel-decked Barbie or human Barbie—or Ryan Gosling’s Ken, pre or post his trip to the real world. 



We’re sure there will be plenty of other Barbies and Kens out there this year, but embrace it! Huddle together and get a group picture because we’re still in Barbie World. 


Oppenheimer or Albert Einstein

Ah, the other side of the coin. While Barbie and the Halloween costumes it will inspire this year are light and colorful, those of Oppenheimer costumes are quite the opposite.


Oppenheimer, 2023


Get a crisp white button down, a vest and trousers in the same color, a tie and a porkpie hat for Oppenheimer. If you’re willing to feel the heat, put on a coat to complete the look! Meanwhile, colleague Albert Einstein calls to replace that vest with a sweater and add on some crazy hair. Pick your poison. 


Wednesday Addams

Okay, we know this costume has been around forever, and we also understand that because it's so easy. But 2023 saw a new side of Wednesday thanks to the Netflix series and Jenna Ortega, and so many iterations of the costume have become available.



Ditch the white collared shirt tucked neatly into a black shirt dress. Put on a dark-colored plaid co-ord set and platform loafers! Wear a ruffled black dress and put your hair into a bun (still braided, of course)! Wear that black and white stripped sweater reminiscent of Wednesday’s séance scene! Whatever Wednesday you decide to channel, don’t forget the pale makeup and the scowl. 


Luffy (One Piece)

Blue jeans and a straw hat tied with a red ribbon…do we really need to sell how easy this is? You can even opt for a sleeveless red vest if you’re scared of the how hot the crowds will be, or put on a white shirt with red hem details to keep things even more casual.



Kylie Jenner and The Lion Head

In the Schiaparelli Spring 2023 couture show, Kylie Jenner wore a dress with a life-size lion’s head attached to it—and launched a thousand memes. Now we don’t expect you to go through the trouble of emptying your bank account for the real thing; we like to keep things more attainable over here. 


Kylie Jenner in Schiaparelli
Kylie Jenner in Schiaparelli


So put on a black base, pin on a stuffed toy (the bigger, the better!) and hit the town.


Sofia Richie and The Old Money Aesthetic

Here’s a costume you’ll be comfortable wearing the entire night: Sofia Richie and that old money aesthetic.



Stripes, chic blazers, pearls, tennis whites, anything tailored and fits you like a glove. The trick to the old money aesthetic is to look discreet, to look basic but elevated. Nothing slouchy, ill-fitting or loud here. And to make it “Sofia Richie,” hack her bun; she’s already showed us how to anyway


A beige flag

We’ve saved the easiest and possibly most boring yet most relatable costume for last: The beige flag. Everyone and their mother have been sharing their own beige flags on social media recently, so why not display it in person, too? And the next morning she proceeds to have another “mhm” talk cuz she sleepy I love her @Rita #beigeflag#wlw ♬ Summer Background Jazz – Jazz Background Vibes


All it needs is an all-beige outfit—and if you’re really feeling honest, maybe a literal display of your own beige flag? Write it on your shirt, no one will judge.


So for those of us who didn't get to order or make or put much thought into our costumes this year but still want to celebrate with a bang (and look great doing it), that's the trick: a pop culture Halloween costume.



Art Macky Arquilla

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