Are You Not Entertained? Well, Let These Films Keep You Busy


April 20, 2020
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These GIFF films might just do the trick

In the interest of saving our sanity but not forgetting the difficult times we’re in, may we present you with a way to help out and be entertained?

The .giff Festival Of New Cinema has made some pieces from their library of short films available to the public in partnership with Lockdown Cinema Club. And in exchange, they as us to do one thing: to give what we can to help raise funds for freelancers in the film industry: utility personnel, caretakers, carpenters, set men and everyone in between. 

#OneMoreForSafety, this is a watch what you want, give what you can campaign. 

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Stop. Steady. Sayaw.

Dan Villegas

One stoplight, two cars, three people and endless possibilities. What does director Dan Villegas do best? In this short film, he proves that’s it creating chemistry—even when he only has 4 minutes to play around with. 

An Open Door

Paul Soriano 

It’s a little eerie how this short film by direk Paul Soriano is a perfect portrayal of how Pinoys are coming together during this enhanced community quarantine—we’re still looking out for one another, you know? As much as we can. 

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Joyce Bernal

With everything changing, it’s hard to find something that’s consistent and will stick. In this quirky short feature, Bb. Joyce Bernal shows us that there’s one thing we can always count on. 

Ang Painting Ni Tatay

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

Where do we learn about love, responsibility and the power of keeping our chins up? Sometimes a painting, it seems—at least, that’s what this piece from Sigrid Andrea Bernardo teaches us. 

P.S I’m a sucker for dad-content and this one hit a little hard. 

How To Find Love

Quark Henares 

This short might have been released in 2016, but it’s still so accurate. How does one find love in the time of Tinder, Bumble and social media? And what happens if we luck out…what happens if we do?

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None of the above shorts go over 11 minutes—with only Quark’s piece actually hitting the 10-minute mark—but they tell their own stories. Short and simple, strong and insightful. Who was it that said brevity is the soul of wit?

If you’d like to make donations, please head on over here

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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