McDonald’s New Pride Month Commercial Finds Beauty in Simplicity

McDonald’s New Pride Month Commercial Finds Beauty in Simplicity

The McDonald’s Pride Month commercial is lowkey kilig, and we love it



In celebration of Pride Month, companies have started rolling out campaigns showcasing what it means to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community—and tangible ways to support them as allies. One of our favorite local campaigns so far has been McDonald’s queer-themed commercial highlighting just how simple love can be. In a day and age where love seems all too complicated to navigate, McDonald’s brings us back to the core of what makes love so sweet (and all under one minute, too!).



The commercial entitled You’re my happy place… opens with the common drive-thru scenario, only quirkier with a rolling skateboard instead of the normal car. As we follow our main character (played by TikTok star Ky Mahinay) on her quest to order a cheeseburger à la carte, a love story slowly unravels with a plot twist we didn’t see coming. 


Ky continues skating around the drive-thru ordering different McDonald’s snacks, one at a time, and we begin to see the effervescent love shared between her and Kaizen Dela Serna, the commercial’s drive-thru staff played by our very own World Obstacle Record holder and South East Asian (SEA) Games 2019 gold medalist. Finally, as Kaizen’s shift comes to a close, Ky is right outside waiting for her as they walk hand-in-hand sharing an ice cream sundae (ending on a sweet note, literally). 


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The story isn’t groundbreaking in any sense, but it’s definitely touching in its own subtle yet straightforward way. Its gentle nudge towards the notions of simple, drama-free love brings us back to the very essence of what love has always been about—finding your happy place. And in this scenario, it's the simplicity that comes with spending time with each other and supporting your partner in their endeavors. Many times, we forget how simple love can (and should) be. With all the noise around us, McDonald’s finds a way to bring us back to where everything begins. No flashy or extravagant actions are required—just the pure joy of being with your significant other in every possible moment.



Words Vanessa Tiong 

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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