10 Movies We Can’t Wait To See This 2019

10 Movies We Can’t Wait To See This 2019

Superheroes, animated toys, politics and everything in between



We may have just celebrated the new year—by saying goodbye to 2018’s bad vibes, of course—but we’re already counting down the weeks and days until some of the year’s best and most anticipated films finally premiere. It’s too early to tell at this point whether the movies we can’t wait to see this 2019 will fall flat on their faces or succeed to great heights, but we like to theorize and suspect anyway.


Hopefully they don’t disappoint us.


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Alpha, The Right To Kill

Philippine release: January 16, 2019


While this Brillante Mendoza film was actually released in September last year, it won’t be until this month that Alpha, The Right To Kill will hit commercial theaters. Here, the acclaimed director puts the focus on the battle between drug kingpins and the (current) Philippine government. Baron Geisler plays a drug lord, Allen Dizon’s character is a corrupt police officer and Elijah Filamor is a small-time drug pusher.



Philippine Release: January 25, 2019



While this story is very John Wick, we’re opting to put Netflix’s Polar here instead of John Wick 3 for two simple reasons: 1) Mads Mikkelsen and 2) the idea that Keanu Reeves’ ex-assassin-turned-dog-lover character’s story is finished (please let John live in peace).


So here’s the deal: Mikkelsen’s character is an about-to-be-retired-assassin within reach of his $8 million payout. But to save some money, his company decides to challenge the more amateur killers to murder him instead.



Philippine release: March 6, 2019



Night Shyamalan is putting Unbreakable and Split together to form one helluva comic book thriller in Glass. But while the premise itself—Bruce Willis chasing down James McAvoy as Samuel L. Jackson holds a secret critical to both of them—is interesting enough to merit a ticket purchase, the real kicker is that M. Night’s genius is really going to be put to the test.


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to put two of this director’s worlds together, Glass is your answer.



US release: March 15, 2019



in 2017, writer and director Jordan Peele graced us with Get Out, a mystery/thriller that had us all peering at the screen in confusion, awe and the occasional grunt of disgust. This year, he’s coming back at us with Us, a story about a mother and father who take their kids to the beach to unwind and bond. But that evening, as one of them notices a family of four standing on their driveway, all hell breaks loose and the family must suddenly—and literally—fight for their lives.


The questions we’re really asking are: Who the fuck are they and why do they look like our protagonists? We’re willing to bet Us will be one of the year’s best horror flicks.


The Avengers: Endgame

US release: April 26, 2019



Kind of a copout here, but who in the world is honestly willing to wait for this release anyway? Answer: those that don’t care about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, we’re part of the majority that care.


We’re still wondering what is up with Ant-Man and how he got back from the quantum realm. We want to know how Tony Stark will make it back to earth and we want to see a smile on Steve Rogers’ face again. Perhaps more importantly: How are the Avengers—undoubtedly undermanned—defeat Thanos and restore the world’s population?


Toy Story 4

US release: June 21, 2019



We don’t know much about Toy Story 4 other than the addition of a new character we may or may not fall in love with, as well as a road trip to go on with the usual gang. We’re still under Bonnie’s wing, it seems, as she adds Forky into the mix and Woody starts to realize just how big the world actually is.


The teaser plot doesn’t have us hooked, to be honest; what does have us stuck on our seats is the franchise’s history. That is, how Toy Story has become better as Disney and Pixar add chapters to the lives of our favorite toys.



US release: October 4, 2019


10 Movies We Can’t Wait To See This 2019


Gotham City’s most infamous villain is finally getting a big-screen origin story—albeit outside of the DC Extended Universe. And with talks pointing out that Phoenix might have accepted the role because it is likely to be a one-off film (having to follow the performance of the amazing Heath Ledger be damned), putting it beyond the DCEU just makes sense.


While The Joker has multiple origin stories in writing, this film will explore the story of Arthur Fleck, a clown trying (and failing) to make it big as a comedian. Hopefully, it will take aspects from Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke as expected.


Little Women

US release: December 25, 2019


10 Movies We Can’t Wait To See This 2019


Chances are, you know what Little Women is about. In case you don’t, it’s a story of four sisters who come of age at the end of the Civil War. Hormones are bouncing off the walls, love and loss are within arm’s reach, and lessons upon hard lessons are learned.


But with the book and the countless other movie takes on this classic, why should the 2019 version be worth the time and money? Because Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet. Because—most of all—Meryl Streep.


I Love You, I Do

No release date yet


10 Movies We Can’t Wait To See This 2019

Image via Twitter/JPHabac


As the sequel to JP Habac’s I’m Drunk, I Love You starring Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador, I Love You, I Do is cemented on this list—period.


Not only will we see a continuation to the story of Dio and Carson, but we’ll see them in their late 20s experiencing everything those in their late 20s do. It’s not as much about unrequired love this time; it’s about finding your space in a world that demands you to feel.



No release date yet


10 Movies We Can’t Wait To See This 2019

Image via GMA Network


Starring Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos, LSS is a story of missed connections; it’s about two people that are destined to meet without ever fully crossing paths. It’s a cruel plot we’ve seen, heard and watched before, but the music of Ben & Ben blasting from the speakers is going to make it a unique one.


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Hello, 2019. We’re ready for you!



Art Alexandra Lara


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