Pinoy Playlist Music Festival 2019: A Look At The Lineup & What’s In Store

Pinoy Playlist Music Festival 2019: A Look At The Lineup & What’s In Store

A hundred local acts are waiting to be heard at the Pinoy Playlist Music Festival 2019



Music Festivals are almost a dime a dozen these days—not literally because the tickets tend to cost a limb—but a good amount of them are littered throughout the year, each catering to different types of music personalities. What I’m trying to say is that there’s something for everyone out there—but there might just be one where you can find everyone: the Pinoy Playlist Music Festival.


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For two weekends in October—to be specific, October 11, 12, 13 and 18, 19, 20—Filipino-made music is taking the center stages of the BGC Arts Center in Taguig City. Strategically making use of the Globe Auditorium, the Zobel de Ayala Recital Hall and the Sun Life Amphitheater, over a hundred local artists will be performing over six nights.


You might think that a hundred performers are too much to handle and the truth us that you can’t possibly watch them all; you can’t be in three places at once. But maybe the point of the concept, of this passion project of Moy Ortiz, Noel Ferrer, Ryan Cayabyab and Maria Isabel Garcia, is that we as a people finally get the opportunity to experience OPM in its breadth and depth.


People keep saying, after all, that our music and our musicians are world-class. So doesn’t the grandiosity of the Pinoy Playlist Music Festival make sense?


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This year’s lineup includes the likes of Jim Paredes & Boboy Garovillo, Better Days + Imago, Jay Durias and Khalil Durias, Moonshine + Monolog, Bullet Dumas, Flying Ipis, Ebe Dancel, Itchyworms, Mike & Joe Chan and Itchyworms—and so much more. And in case you didn’t notice, 2019’s focusing on some major on-stage collaborations.


The tickets are already on sale via TicketWorld and you have your choice between a Festival Pass, a 1-day pass and a 3-day pass, with early-bird ticket prices ranging P720-P2,700 for adults and P360-P1,350 for students. Just let how much of a steal that is sink in for a little bit.


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Filipino-made music is alive and well. It’s not just about the current bands, the veterans our parents are still in love with or the indie musicians that litter small bars—they’re everywhere; we just need to take a listen.



Art Alexandra Lara


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