It Girlisms and The Renaissance of Sofia Richie

It Girlisms and The Renaissance of Sofia Richie

Has Sofia Richie dethroned Hailey Bieber? The internet thinks so



It’s common knowledge that after spending time on the clock app, you are your TikTok algorithm. For You pages are fine-tuned to the things you have liked, bookmarked, looked up and watched ‘til the end. But apart from that, it also tells you what’s hot according to your preferences. So I guess my own FYP deduced from my consumption of Rare Beauty product reviews and fashion trend research, that I might enjoy content about Sofia Richie's wedding. Yes, that Sofia: the Beauty Director to viral makeup brand NUDESTIX, nepo baby of Lionel Richie, sister to Nicole Richie and the one who recently married Music Executive Elliot Grainge in the south of France.


I know what you’re thinking, “Another celebrity you’re over-invested in?” Yes, kind of. The thing about Sofia Richie is that her popularity isn’t just my algorithm feeding me targeted content. It’s that after spending some time under the radar, Sofia’s now making more headlines than ever. As a point of reference, she wasn’t in the public’s attention as much as her contemporaries were, the way the Jenners and the Biebers were every other week. The last we heard of her making tons of buzz would be her time as a Kardashian-once-removed or whatever when she dated Scott Disick until 2020. But many people noticed a shift when she got with Grainge in 2021. She had that better-than-ever glow and an exquisite fashion sense. The cherry on top? Knowing when and where to re-introduce herself to TikTok, the brand new audience and authority on what’s hot and what’s not.


@sofiarichiegraingeFrance GRWM ♡♬ original sound – Sofia Richie Grainge


In a completely low-production, TikTok-cosigned GRWM video, the once-lowkey Sofia Richie debuted her new last name and gave the audience an intimate peek at how she assembled her outfit for the day. Spoiler alert: it involved a Proenza Schouler maxi dress and white Khaite sling-back flats. Effectively enough, the people were ultra-invested in the extravagant wedding festivities happening. Everyone anticipated what else she wore to dinners and brunches as she inched closer to married life, earning Sofia tons of followers and views immediately. As of writing, all of her videos have passed the multi-million eyeball mark.


This is a rebranding even Chris Olsen can’t orchestrate.


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The Wedding of the Century

@sofiarichiegraingePractice makes perfect♬ original sound – Sofia Richie Grainge


Among the buzzworthy celebrity weddings that came about in a post-pandemic world, the Richie-Grainge nuptials were the most positively popular. It was nothing short of lavish. They rented out the entire Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France, for a weekend getaway, where she attended all festivities in the best outfits. She spent wedding rehearsals and went down the aisle in custom Chanel couture. Her bridal look was minimal but glamorous, with her hair slicked to perfection in her signature low bun. Did we mention that Good Charlotte sang Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous at the afterparty? It’s been a few weeks since the wedding, but major magazines like Vogue are still zeroing in on what she’s done right.


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The Latest It Girl

@patidubroff here’s how to get Sofia Richie’s WEDDING makeup look @sofiarichiegrainge #sofiarichiewedding #sofiarichiestyle #bridalmakeup #chanelbeauty #nudestix #welovecoco #makeupbymario #dibsbeauty #maybelline @chanelbeautyofficial ♬ Sunshine – WIRA


Many people have paid attention to her fashion evolution due to the extreme coverage of her wedding festivities. Less on showing skin and more on elegant silhouettes. Make the neutral outfit more interesting by adding one pop of color. Her makeup? Minimal and clean, as instructed by Pati Dubroff and Sofia herself in multiple GRWMs. Sofia embodies two subcultures that populate TikTok: the Old Money Aesthetic Fans and the Clean Girls. These people eventually dictate who’s in and who they take cues from to become who they want. And now, the chrome nail era of Hailey Bieber is over. Instead, the luxurious but modest, simple yet tasteful reign of Sofia Richie Grainge as the world’s newest It Girl has finally begun.


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Now that the internet has a new favorite rich girl to aspire to be, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Sofia Richie Grainge from here on out. Are we complaining? Not yet. 



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