(Un)Wrapped: How Did You and The World Listen on Spotify in 2023?

(Un)Wrapped: How Did You and The World Listen on Spotify in 2023?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!



Spotify Wrapped has become a global event. Users predict the artists who will top their statistics, like most played songs, top played artists and everything in between. We know it’s arrived one way or another, actively refreshing our apps or seeing our feeds burst with the year’s new visuals. Then come the memes. The comments. If you had Beyoncé as your most-played singer for 2023, it probably means that every surface you stepped on became your dancefloor. If you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and made NewJeans your entire listening personality, then you probably have another thing in common with BTS’s Jung Kook, a self-professed Ditto truther.



Without further adieu, we bring you a recap of how the world and the Philippines listened in 2023. Plus, we bring you a walkthrough of the new personality traits and experiences Spotify has in store for Wrapped season.


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How the country (and the world) listened in 2023

Taylor Swift overthrows Bad Bunny as the platform’s top artist of the year, with the Latino singer coming in second; The Weeknd, Drake and Peso Pluma follow internationally. But if we zoom in on The Philippines, ever a country that loves their love songs—preferably ones performed in Pop. Miss Swift keeps the top spot while The Weeknd follows second. Ariana Grande and SZA continue their stronghold as they come in at third and forth, respectively, with Ben&Ben chasing closely at fifth place.


OPM most definitely has had its high points in 2023. If we’re talking about beloved songs in the Philippines, SunKissed Lola’s Pasilyo and Uhaw by Dilaw stand as the country's top two most streamed tracks, beating other global hits in the running. Zooming in on other local-made favorites, Adie’s Mahika, Calein’s Umaasa and Lola Amour’s Raining in Manila follow right behind. 


But podcasts also had their moment this year, as Filipinos still love content made for us by Filipinos. Podcasts Queerfully Yours and Gift Podcast may have started only this year, but they ranked high on Spotify’s Top New Podcasts of 2023 thanks to their inspiring content—but it’s Kryz Uy-Young and Slater Young’s skypodcast that takes the top spot. Barangay Love Stories, Hugot Marcelo and Dear MOR follow suit. However, we seem to enjoy a good spook all year round as Kwentong Takipsilim Pinoy Tagalog Horror Stories Podcast seals the deal at the top five. Nothing says de-stressing with some good ol’ escapism, right?



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Your streams do the talking

For 2023, Spotify Wrapped returns with the basics: top artists, genres, songs and podcasts. Yes, even the cumulative number of minutes spent streaming, even if you reach five (or six, we don’t judge) digits. You still get quick shout-outs from your top-played artists, especially those who sang the soundtracks of your year. But this time, the platform takes a unique approach to tell you more about how you listen by letting your streams do the talking. 


With Me in 2023, users receive a defining characteristic that describes the dominant listening habit from the past 12 months. Could you be The Alchemist, creating more playlists than others? Or The Shapeshifter, jumping and discovering artists in quick succession? Meanwhile, Sound Town helps users find their musical tribes, matching them to cities based on the artists they love to listen to. So, where would you end up if you could move anywhere based on your Spotify Sound Town?


(Un)Wrapped: How Did You and The World Listen on Spotify in 2023?


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Wrapped on a different level

Access everything related to this year-end roundup with the new Wrapped Feed found on the rightmost button on the Spotify Home screen. Quickly find all your stats, along with the best editorial playlists, artist merch and tours near you through this one-stop shop. If you’re feeling cheeky, take DJ X, Spotify’s AI DJ, out for a spin as he guides you through a unique and personalized listening experience to your Wrapped playlist with some extra commentary.


As everyone announces their yearly roundup, group chats and Instagram stories always come alive with Spotify Wrapped. Take the Wrapped community affair to the next level with Blend, integrating your “2023 Wrapped Top Songs” into one long and very telling playlist.



Wrapped isn’t just an experience for the app as Spotify moves to bring the experience to the Philippines on ground. With the Spotify Sari-Sari Store, users can bring the streaming year that was to life. More experiences and surprises, such as hearing your favorite podcasters IRL and exclusive Spotify merchandise, await at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium from December 8 to 10, 2023. The pop-up is free for all Spotify users, so mark those calendars!


(Un)Wrapped: How Did You and The World Listen on Spotify in 2023?


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Haven’t caught up yet? This is the part where you tap into the experience on the Spotify app. If you missed this year, it’s never too late to start for 2024.



Words Kai Franco

Art Macky Arquilla

Photos Spotify

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