Wonder Fresh November: We’re All About Release

Wonder Fresh November: We’re All About Release

One heaping playlist for all the feels, coming right up!



Every month, we bring you a roundup of fresh new tracks to stream through Wonder Fresh. For November, we’re all about emotional release and letting go. So dance, sing, cry and scream all the feelings you’re keeping under wraps. Disengage with the feelings holding you down with these tracks playing in the background. From heartless anthems to tunes for our tears, here’s a list of recommendations.


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Got someone trying to revive the old flame? Channel the same energy as Conan Grey in Telepath, a song that nips any type of second chances in the bud. Its upbeat tempo gives it an “I-could-care-less-about-you” vibe, one needed in turning down unwanted advances. Post Malone and The Weeknd sing about the same thing in One Right Now, telling their ex-lovers that they’ve already moved on to the beat of The Weeknd’s signature retro 80s pop sounds.


Around this time we find ourselves comfortable with falling in love with new people—even unexpectedly. Love and infatuation can be at an all-time high. Zack Tabudlo’s Heart Can’t Lose, fresh from his debut album Episode, offers the perfect soundtrack for those who fell. Hard. Zack sings about defenses torn down when he meets the one. After all, the right person can melt whatever ice you have in your heart if you let them. Further fuel your yearning with Khalid’s Present, a smooth R&B track where he sings about wanting to be near his person. While modern dating has made it easier for romance to thrive, some circumstances still push us to deal with distance.


But despite ardent love, there are times where things don’t work out. If you’re on the verge of letting go, Arthur Nery’s Pagsamo is a sonic companion as you mull over what-could-have-beens before ultimately letting fate take its course. Jeremy Zucker teams up with Keshi in Sociopath to show the perspective of post-breakup check-ins, where we see that healing and moving on still need more time to fully bloom. Sociopath mirrors the defense mechanisms we use to appear okay, that we've won the battle in moving on. The two create this emotional, painful breakup track with their anguished vocals and slow, acoustic instrumentals.


Nadine Lustre gives us another anthem about release with Wait For Me. The singer-actress lets go of all her inhibitions and laments over the breakup as the dust settles down. The slow track has Nadine's dreamy vocals fool you into a daze, but her lyrics hit close to home. Finally, Adele’s Easy On Me, the first single off her next album, 30, caps off this playlist. The simple yet powerful ballad gives us a little taste of the lessons she’s learned from different bouts of loss—a perfect close as we pick up the pieces after letting go.


Conan Grey, Telepath


Post Malone ft. The Weekend, One Right Now


Zack Tabudlo, Heart Can’t Lose

Khalid, Present


Arthur Nery, Pagsamo


Jeremy Zucker ft. Keshi, Sociopath

Nadine Lustre, Wait For Me


Adele, Easy On Me


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Let us know if we missed any songs best for release by sounding off in the comments below!



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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