Test Drive Diaries: Uniqlo’s AIRism Sanitary Shorts

Test Drive Diaries: Uniqlo’s AIRism Sanitary Shorts

Introducing Uniqlo’s first liquid-absorbing sanitary shorts



Pads, cups or panties? Despite the rise of sustainable alternatives to the sanitary pad, my money was on the pad. Overnight with wings to be exact. I stuck with what I was used to because it was comfortable, familiar and predictable. Let me put it this way: post-pregnancy, my flow became heavier especially on day two. So overnight pads for the first two days of my period have become the norm. With pads, I knew exactly what to expect, how many to bring and when to change.


But there are definitely days when I’m not prepared and accidents and (serious) spills happen. I was hesitant to try a menstrual cup, even when a teammate only had good things to say about it. I did, however, keep an open mind about period panties because it sounded like the least complicated choice. They just weren’t readily accessible or available until Uniqlo launched the AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts.


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Fast Facts: Uniqlo Sanitary Shorts

The AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts, launched as part of Uniqlo’s Femcare innerwear line, is the brand’s first liquid-absorbing sanitary underwear. Its three-layer construction features a quick-drying and odor control layer that keeps the surface dry, an absorbent layer that can hold up 30 to 40ml of liquid (less than a cup of water) and a water-resistant layer made of  laminated water-repellent fabric. Seamless and made with silky smooth fabric, the gusset in the crotch boasts a bonding finish that minimizes leakage from the seam needle holes. Best of all, it comes in four cute colors: dark green, nude, pale pink and navy blue.


Test Drive Diaries: Uniqlo’s AIRism Sanitary ShortsTest Drive Diaries: Uniqlo’s AIRism Sanitary ShortsTest Drive Diaries: Uniqlo’s AIRism Sanitary Shorts


Spills Or Stains? We Don’t Know Her

I’ve used Uniqlo’s Sanitary Shorts for two cycles; on the first and third days on my first test drive, and then just on the second day for round two.


The sanitary shorts feel just like any pair of panties you’d wear on a regular day. I was expecting to see or feel a pad sandwiched between layers of fabric because I’m a period underwear virgin. But the shorts are breathable and so comfortable to wear that I almost forgot I had my period and then panicked a little when I remembered because I was used to feeling uneasy on red days. I had it on while I was working from home (for a little over eight hours) with a few bathroom breaks in between, and so far, no discomfort, leaks or stains! I’m not sure how long you can have sanitary shorts on but, it’s not recommended to wear them for more than 24 hours.


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After wearing, make sure to run your sanitary shorts under cold running water to remove the blood from the gusset. Wash, rinse and gently wring before you hang dry—a preferred method of drying for delicates to keep them in great shape. 


Uniqlo’s sanitary shorts worked just as well on my third day, but the real test came on my second cycle. I wore it on my second day—the worst day in my bloody cycle because my flow is super heavy with serious spills very likely to happen. This time around, and because I was really worried about leaks, I ended up wearing the shorts for less than eight hours (about six?) while working from home. Would I wear it out as a standalone product on extra red days? I’m still not sure. But in the time I had it on, there were no spills or stains. Looking for extra precaution? Some women suggest wearing it with a tampon to ease your worries or buying an extra pair or two of sanitary shorts for when you're on the go.


Test Drive Diaries: Uniqlo’s AIRism Sanitary Shorts


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The Verdict

Uniqlo’s AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts is a godsend for women like myself looking for some relief during the most uncomfortable time of the month. And nothing spells comfort and convenience for me more than a product I can just pull on—like a special pair of breathable, stretchy, super absorbent panties or shorts—on red days. Less steps, less waste, less stress! You may just need extra support for super heavy days. But five out five stars for Uniqlo’s sanitary shorts. 



Uniqlo’s AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts is available in sizes S to XL for P990. Shop it via the Uniqlo app or in-stores.



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