Midyear Check-in: Here Are Ways to Embrace Your Self-Discovery

Midyear Check-in: Here Are Ways to Embrace Your Self-Discovery

Go lang nang go! Self-discovery tip: you can start over whenever you like



How are you, dear reader? We’re already in *checks notes* quarter three and slowly entering a new chapter. Our New Year’s resolutions may have been long forgotten, but there’s always a new month (and quarter) to revisit our goals and be intentional with them. Here’s the sign that you needed today: you can start over whenever you like.


For the ever so hardworking and enthusiastic Gen Zs—those always with a passion project or two—burnout is surely inevitable. After months of nonstop work, you may feel the need to recharge and go inward. The truth of the matter is, when you fill your cup, you can fill the cup of others, too. Embrace self-discovery and recuperate by exploring new experiences, pursuing new passions and revisiting old ones, through Globe Prepaid.


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Your young adult years are undoubtedly the best time to start traveling. You have a regular source of income (a big fat finally!), a deeper appreciation for different places and cultures, and the freedom to travel as a single individual. You learn so much from traveling, too, especially if you’re doing it on your own—independence, especially.


With travel restrictions easing in every corner of the globe, we can finally catch up on lost time and satiate our wanderlust. We’re revisiting our bucket lists and altering our routines, using pent-up travel energy that have piled up over the past few years.


With Globe Prepaid’s Go+99, consumers receive an adventure voucher on top of 8GB for all sites, 8GB for a choice of apps and unli allnet texts valid for seven days. Your choice of adventure voucher will help you embrace life like never before from brands like Klook, AirAsia, Grab, Parlon and Pickaroo.


Through Klook, you can secure thousands of experiences across 1,000 destinations to help you navigate your self-discovery. Whether you're seeking adrenaline-filled adventures or want more introvert-friendly cultural excursions, there are so many possibilities to explore! Get 5% off on all Klook activities with a maximum discount of P150 and a minimum spend of P100.


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When you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city so you can start anew, AirAsia has the best hotel deals for your next trip. It’s always a great idea to immerse yourself in a new space, no matter how brief, to help you gain access to different cultures and perspectives. Especially if you’re suffering from a creative burnout or rut, moving can help you gain much-needed inspiration.



Explore new horizons and get away with AirAsia and get P60 off on hotel bookings, with no minimum spend.


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Whether you want to treat yourself to a weekend getaway outside of Manila or a midweek pick-me-up through a pamper session, it’s important to do regular check-ins with yourself. If you’re feeling consumed by the responsibilities of day-to-day, you can take a breather with the help of Parlon.


Booking appointments is easy-peasy! Don’t you just hate when you’re in dire need of a quick mani-pedi or haircut, but nothing’s available for walk-in customers? This app is the local beauty landscape’s “open secret” where you can get—and gift—forever-discounted beauty and wellness deals in Metro Manila and beyond! It’s time for a glow-up through Globe Prepaid and get P300 voucher deals on these wellness experiences, with a minimum spend of P2,000.



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And a pick-me-up, whether to indulge in a quick snack or have a midday coffee break, will do loads for your headspace! With Pickaroo, you can get P200 off with a minimum spend of P2,500.



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Our day-to-day is already challenging as it is. There’s no need to feel guilt when you feel the need to take a break, or else your body will take the break for you. Set intentions and gain clarity with your next step through rest and recuperation. Embrace self-discovery and give yourself the freedom to go at your own pace.


Explore new horizons with Globe Prepaid. Register to Go+99 now on GCash or on GlobeOne and let your unique story unfold!



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