Upgrade Your Routine with These Beauty Tips From Your Fave K-Dramas

Upgrade Your Routine with These Beauty Tips From Your Fave K-Dramas

Here are some tried and tested beauty tips from shows to incorporate in your routine



It’s no secret that our beloved K-Dramas are the best stress-busters, especially after a long day working (from home or otherwise). Just don’t get too carried away with multiple episodes in the wee hours of the morning; your skin might not be too happy about it! Whether you’re a recent K-Drama convert or a longtime fan, it’s easy to get hooked with the riveting plots, endearing actors, and the beauty tips and fashion of each show. 


There’s no shortage of beauty tips from our highly recommended K-Dramas! Here are some tried and also tested skincare and makeup tips from shows to incorporate in your routine. 


Your neck needs skincare, too! 

Certainly, you might be doing everything possible to take care of your skin. From following a multi-step routine to trying out all the beauty tools in the market. Here’s something you might not know: Your neck needs skincare, too, since it easily shows signs of aging!


Upgrade Your Routine with These Beauty Tips From Your Fave K-Dramas

Manyo Factory Bifida Biome Complex Ampoule (P1,300)


Yoon Se-ri from the Netflix hit Crash Landing On You may have been stranded in a remote North Korean village, but this didn’t stop the heiress from smuggling a few skincare products from South Korea to keep in her simple routine. The anti-aging essence from Manyo, the Factory Bifida Ampoule, was highlighted in the show. It fortifies the skin barrier and visibly plumps and nourishes skin for long-lasting hydration. She reminds everyone that skincare doesn’t end in your face; use it on your neck, too!


Why not try a facial device? 

We can learn a lot from Yoon Se-ri! Once the wealthy business woman returns to her loft after being stuck in North Korea for a while, she makes a beeline for her facial massager, the VANAV UP6 Total Skincare Device. Upgrade your routine with beauty tools; in this case, the handheld beauty tool for facial therapy and 3D vibrational massages. Treat your face to a spa-like massage after applying moisturizer on your skin at night.


Upgrade Your Routine with These Beauty Tips From Your Fave K-Dramas

VANAV UP6 Total Skincare Device (P11,990)


Goo Seo-ryung and Lee Gon from The King: Eternal Monarch were also spotted with luxe LED Masks during their downtime. The metallic mask opts for light-based therapy to help promote collagen, boost skin health and treat blemishes! It makes for a pretty cool Instagram post, too!


For a local pick, we’re obsessing over Love K-Derma’s LED Light Mask! Read the full review here.


Pat in your skincare products!

Secretary Kim of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? has to deal with stress brought by a demanding boss, which gives her more reason to stay vigilant with her skincare routine. A pro-tip comes from an age-old Korean technique for getting the most out of your skincare products—by simply patting them in! This helps the product penetrate deeper into skin and even helps boost blood flow to activate the cells and promote collagen. 


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A bold red lipstick instantly upgrades a look

It’s no secret that Korean actresses are so influential that the products they wear on their current TV projects sell out easily. This is the case for Suzy Bae, who starred in the top Netflix series Start-Up, where she navigates life as a fresh-faced Samsan Tech CEO hopeful.


Upgrade Your Routine with These Beauty Tips From Your Fave K-Dramas

 Lancôme Bad Blood Ruby 01 ($32)


For the show, it’s been reported that her two picks from the highly pigmented Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream collection are Ruby Queen 02 (a deep burgundy) and Bad Blood Ruby 01 (classic red). 


Try gradient lips!

The simplistic, natural K-beauty approach to makeup materializes in gradient lips, a soft gradation of color from light to dark, with a tinted finish. Take your inspiration from Cha Eun-jae of Dr. Romantic 2. Because of her busy schedule as a second-year surgery fellow, she doesn’t have much time to do any product reapplication throughout the day. With this reality, she uses products that work as hard as she does. 


Makeup is definitely for men, too!

For antisocial Kwon Jung-rok, one of Seoul’s top attorneys in Touch Your Heart, his vanity is filled with the entire range of Boy De Chanel, the luxury house’s dedicated makeup collection for men. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see a foundation and concealer. Also a hydrating lip balm that his movie star girlfriend loves to borrow.


Beauty Tips

Boy de Chanel Foundation (SGD 114)

Beauty Tips

Boy de Chanel Concealer (SGD 59)



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Next time you watch a K-Drama, lookout for practical beauty tips and hacks you can try. Happy watching! 



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