Love K-Derma’s Advanced Skincare Technology Might Just Be The Answer To Your Skin Woes

Love K-Derma’s Advanced Skincare Technology Might Just Be The Answer To Your Skin Woes

Love K-Derma: Yes, I got on the LED Light Mask train 



Who else is feeling exhausted from lockdown? The lack of space, of boundaries, of time (surprisingly) for everything has left me feeling and looking worn out. I don’t know about you, but my skincare routine has never been this pared-down, read: wash and tone. When I’m feeling extra, I pat on my fav head-to-toe serum or rotate it with new favorites. love k-derma, Here's a list of things you can try for your skin.


You’d think with less product on my face and close to zero exposure to the outside, my skin would improve. But similar to skin woes I’ve seen and heard too often on social media, I’ve suffered from occasional mask-ne, dullness and rough patches. Worse, the lines under my eyes have grown deeper and more prominent that I always look puyat even when I’ve had a full 8 hours of sleep.  


Perhaps I need something else, something different, something more hardworking (that doesn’t involve invasive treatments just yet). So I decided to get on the LED Light Mask train. Looks easy to incorporate into my two-step routine, plus I’ve read enough polarizing reviews to spur my curiosity.


But what are LED Masks?

They’re the masks you’ve seen primarily on your biases, and then on January Jones and Kourtney Kardashian early this lockdown season. These masks use light at varying wavelengths to treat different skin conditions. Blue, for instance, treats mild acne, cyan enhances cellular energy and promotes tissue metabolism, and green stimulates collagen production. They’re not exactly novel as these types of treatments were once only available at your dermatologist's clinic. Not to say they are the same, but similar in theory. But anyway, thanks to modern times, we can now do it ourselves and at home while watching The Haunting of Bly.


These masks use light at varying wavelengths to treat different skin conditions


Is it effective, is it safe?

Skin experts say that for it to be effective, the treatment has to be done for the recommended amount of time for continuous periods over several weeks. It’s also relatively safe, provided it has protection for the eyes (very important as prolonged exposure can damage your eyesight) and you get yours from a reputable source.


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Now about Love K-Derma

Launched on the last day of September, Love K-Derma offers technologically advanced skin care solutions. From skincare gadgets that use LED light technology to skin-saving gels, creams and serums, the promise is bright, clear as day and youthful-looking skin. 


So I put the products and promise to the test, in hopes that Love K-Derma might just be the salve for my woes.


Love K-Derma’s LED Light Mask (P10,999) is ergonomically designed to allow light to penetrate skin deeper while keeping your eyes protected. It features 7 light modes that address a variety of skin concerns, from breakouts to inflammation to lack of bounce. The mask also comes with a remote, as well as a built-in voice function to remind you when the treatment starts and ends. Best of all, it's CE approved so you don’t have to worry about safety.



While you can purchase the mask on its own, it’s best paired with Love K-Derma’s Glass Skin Activating Gel and Gold Glow Serum. The gel, used before the treatment, is packed with collagen and hyaluronic acid that brightens and lifts skin. Meanwhile the serum, recommended for use immediately after your session ends, contains real gold, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. It’s a hardworking product that reveals skin’s natural glow, restores elasticity and prevents collagen depletion. 


LED Light Mask: first impressions

The LED Light Mask, colored pink, comes with a remote and a gray protective pouch all neatly packaged in a pretty pink box. Unboxing it felt like Christmas, the ultimate treat to the self because you’ve earned it. Anyway, I inspect the mask, glaze through the instructions, test out bottles of gels and serums, give it a whiff and decide okay, it's a sensorial experience I’d like to commit to 3 to 5 times a week. 


Personally, I apply 3 to 4 (instead of the recommended 2 to 3) pumps of the Glass Skin Activating Gel because I love the texture and powdery musk scent so much, after I wash and tone. Then the mask, you wear like a pair of sunglasses, which has an adjustable nose pad for comfortable wear. For me though, it’s best to wear it lying down or seated with the head tilted back because the fit is a little snug on the head. The device itself is a little heavy, too, so I couldn’t watch TV like I imagined I would while skin-caring. 


The mask, you wear like a pair of sunglasses, which has an adjustable nose pad for comfortable wear


The actual session begins when the mask, which has 420 LED multicolored lights, is switched on using the remote control. A voice function will prompt you to choose your treatment, and then cue you when it begins and ends. If you’re a little claustrophobic, you’ll appreciate the 3 and 6-minute countdown prompts in between. It lasts a total of 10 minutes but the recommended time per session is 20 minutes.


Finish off with Love K-Derma’s version of liquid gold: the Gold Glow Serum. 


The results

I’ve used Love K-Derma’s LED Light Mask under the minimum requirement: 10 minutes per session, 2 to 3 times a week for the past month. In the first two sessions, I tried the blue light, which kills acne-causing bacteria, followed by yellow in the succeeding ones to boost circulation and improve skin density.


So did it work? Well, after each treatment my skin is noticeably softer, smoother and plumper. It also helped keep my breakouts at bay. No new skin flare-ups to report since! But I’ve yet to see the glowing results everyone’s been talking about. Maybe with longer, more frequent sessions (and a few lifestyle adjustments, read: more water in my system) I’ll get that coveted glass skin or at least look like I’ve had enough sleep.


But between now and my next at-home treatment, I’m good with saying buh-bye to at least a few of my bad skin dramas.




Curious about Love K-Derma? Learn more about their advanced skincare technology here or shop the LED Light Mask straight through here!



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